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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lyo & Merly Singapore Youth Olympics 2010

Next year Singapore is hosting Youth Olympics.

For that there were two mascot being design. Lyo and Merly

Lyo get his name from "Lion of the Youth Olympics," and Merly gets her name from "mer" meaning the sea, and "l" for Liveliness and "y" for Youthfulness. It was said that the mascots will travel to five cities around the world as part of the global torch relay for the Games.

I discover the store is on at Takashimaya selling the merchandise.

Well that is something to look forwarded to in 2010.
Before I forget, Happy New Year!

Singapore Youth Olympic Website

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cao Cao's Tomb discovered in China

I read the news today from Yahoo that China discovered the tomb of Cao Cao, one of the historical figure in the Three Kingdom.

Don't get me wrong. I am as excited as anyone of you. If that is true I wished they can discover Zhugeliang tomb real soon. To top it off, here's a photo of the 1800 years tomb of Cao Cao look like from Yahoo.

Impressive workmanship for the arc passage way from 1800 years ago.

"The tomb is located in central Henan province, not far from the Yellow River and near the city of Anyang, where Cao Cao ruled the Kingdom of Wei from 208 to 220, when he died at age 65, the state China Daily reported Monday."

Now it is normal that Cao Cao was being buried in China but after all this year (we are talking about 1.8K years later) suddenly the tomb surface out now?

Think about the dynasties in between, you mean no one know where Cao Cao tomb was or anyone who will discover one? If it is the truth, then it should be an amazing news but somehow I think it is other wise.

"Archaeologists have found the remains of three people in the tomb -- a male around 60 years of age, believed to be Cao Cao, a female of about 50 and a second woman between 20 and 25, thought to be the king's wife and escort."

The science must be really advance that it easy to derive 1,800 years of bones information. Maybe now they can reconstruct Cao Cao's face so that we know how he actually look like? With that DNA maybe can clone Cao Cao?

Sorry I have my doubts but I guess it is human nature. What about you? What believe this is a real deal?

Monday, December 28, 2009

LASALLE College of the Arts Campus Wall Painting

Sometime ago I wall past LASALLE, a art college which is situated at the heart of the city. The LASALLE building has an interesting architecture no less expected from a Art college.

I saw some interesting Graffiti which is done by the students (I suppose) and decided to take some snap shots of it.

Art is always a subjective matter, What appeal to one, may not appeal to another.

Some like it colorful

While some like it plain

It can express emotion of the artist

Communicating to various individual.

Some can be rather abstract

Some can be contemporary

Some can even come with POP Culture.

I have to say creativity comes in many ways.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Environment Friendly Christmas Decoration

I was rather impressed about this year Tanglin Mall Christmas Decoration. It was the theme I am utterly astounded by it. All of the Christmas decoration in the front were built by recycle materials!

First off, the snowman look shining...

at a closer look, you may recognized the recycle bowl, sticks and other materials.

The beautiful tower like a cone ice-cream

it's body made up of plastic casing that used to packed food, cakes and other stuff.

See this lovely car? Guess what was used to build it?

The tires are made of drink cans

The body and seat wrapped over by newspapers

Guessed what make the candies and the flower at the window?

The flowers were made of plastic foam that wrap fruits.

some were used to build the candies too

The candies are made of used season parking coupons.

I can just say it is a piece of art.

Do you agree?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Graffiti Shots

Here are some of the Graffiti I happen to take. Some of these are quality stuff.

It usually a common scene to use of wording to mark the area it belong to, to the artist.

Some of the drawing just need to look nice and doesn't make sense. Maybe it make sense but a hidden message.

However some of the graffiti can be a real piece of art to remember someone.

Good or bad about graffiti?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Singapore TV Mobile closing down

After 8 years of TV mobile installation on Singapore Buses (SBS), they finally decided to close it down.

I recalled shortly after TV mobile was introduce, the bus fare went up.

They are a mixed reaction to this move on the ground. Some welcome it for peace and quiet bus ride while they are others who will missed it. Personally I belong to the first group. No doubt I enjoyed some of the show like "Just for Laugh" but they are often or not distracting due to the poorly maintained LCD.

Because of how the LCD is being placed, some buses blocked one of the seat just for the viewing pleasure of the passengers. Well end of the day, I guess it is not profitable for TV mobile in term of advertisements.

Now I just hope they can quickly remove LCD and readjust the seats. I have a feeling maybe SMRT should remove those advertisement on the train station display LCD too.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Facebook new privacy settings

For facebook users, you may want to be aware that once again facebook had given more piracy setting especially for your mobile, address and other contact information. If you do not do anything, some of your information maybe open to anyone at facebook.

To change your privacy setting, roll over to Settings and select pirvacy Settings.

At this option, you may want to set your personal profile or contact information

For me I chose contact information as that is where some of my private information be expose to all facebook users. Now look at the Mobile Phone and Current Address. I do not want to expose those information even to my friends. So I here how I customized it to protect myself.

First I select Customize

At Customize, I choose Only Me. In this way, no one can have my mobile phone even I happen to put that up. You may put that up previously without you knowing.

Here's another option I do not like. Anyone can send me messages. So I choose only friends so that I do not get any spam messages.

By Default facebook may have do certain setting but it is best for you to take extra step to keep my own privacy. I hope you guys may want to do the same too. :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Random Shots @ ILLUMA

Went to ILLUMA over a weekend and take some random shots around there.

ILLUMA is more of a modern designers theme Shopping centre. Creative artworks can be seen anywhere around the building. This is one artwork I love on the wall. Likely an adidas marketing.
Art piece @ ILLUMA

Even the life lobby design is simple yet contrast looking.
Level 3

This is a shot of a part of the Christmas decoration in the shopping mall. Love the red star.
Red Star Christmas Deco

Will go there again soon I hope.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Blessing Artwork

This piece of art piece of my, "Blessing" was done up at a time when Jacky Cheung POP music song "Blessing" was running top at the chart.

A young man in flowing robes praying for blessing.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Visit Singapore through Google Map

Now you can visit Singapore anytime you like through Google Map.

You can travel along the major or minor road to have a street view of the surrounding. There maybe other photos being tagged to the location. Singapore is the first country that completed this process in South East Asia region.

How do you move around in Google Map to view virtually?
See the orange man icon? That is the virtual you.

Drag and drop him anywhere along the road and the virtual photo will appear in other panel. You can then click on anywhere along the road even turn the direction at the street view using the panel.

Being a Singaporean, I have a mix feeling about this. Part of the uneasiness has to do with privacy and security. Although the car plates and the faces of the people being captured in the photos are blur, there maybe other information that could be sensitive too.

Nonetheless it is useful for anyone to check where the building at some location should you want to visit it. It's a double edge sword in technology and it's a lot of hard work for google. We just have wait and see any other development.

You can do your visit Singapore virtually now on Google Map

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Countdown to Christmas Widget

I was looking for some widget to get myself into the Christmas mood and I found this cool widget from Click on the widget to get yourself into the Christmas mood!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Desert Moon

After doing much inking and black & white, I took on coloring using poster color.

I took some reference as I tried to master the color tone. I was pleased that it turned out quite well.

I called it Desert Moon. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cat in Singapore

Cats are a rather common sight in Singapore. Most of them are strays but that does not mean no one take care of them. Most of them were fed by some cats lovers but only a handful have a real home.

Singapore AVA does not license Cat in HDB apartments. However you can spot cats at void deck, park or shop houses. Most of them are well fed and they could sleep all day.

No matter how wellfed they are, they will still go about hunting and wondering for fun.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Photofunia Fun with your photo

Recently I have see some of my contacts having some fantastic creative photo with their face in it. For a moment I thought those contact either getting better with Photoshop or hire profession to help to make their photo creative on facebook or blog. Only later I found out that they are using some easy to use templates on a website to do that magic. Photofunia.

1. Photofunia allow you to first choose your template.

2.With that template chosen, upload your photo

3. It will then generate the custom photos for just two hours while given you a choice to save the photo, make to an avatar or sent it as a postcard.

Head over to have some fun.

Friday, November 13, 2009

To lose weight, Drink More Water

When I first hear about losing weight by drinking more water, I was with unbelief. How does water contribute to losing weight? I started my journey to discovery the fact and the myth...

How does water play a part of weight losing? First we must understand what is causing the weight gaining.

Let's take a walk down to our daily routine. You wake up early in the morning you are likely to have caffeinated beverages. During lunch and Dinner you may take meat (process food) and some vegetables perhaps even fruits. In between the days, you may likely to drink coke or other calories drinks. If you have a night out, you are likely to take some form of alcohol. So in one day, how much water did you get?

Water play a major role in metabolism and if our body is dehydrated, the body will compensates by retaining excess water for protective measure. This result in weight gaining. In prolong dehydration, it is possible that a person will mistaken his thirst for hunger.

I heard of examples that a person should take on a average 8 glasses of water. However one should not drink 8 glasses at one goal but should do so at interval of the day.

One good way to drink water is before meal. Take 2 glasses of plain water will greatly reduce your appetite for one and enough to get your body working for the food to digest. To make it to it's best, try drinking warm water rather than cold water. Finally try eating more water dense foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembering Yasmin, a tribute screenings 27 - 28 Nov 2009

Some years ago, one of my Malaysian friend recommend me to watch Sepet. He told me it is by a Malaysia film maker about a love story between a Chinese boy and a Malay girl in the setting of Malaysia. Never have I imagine someone would be bold enough to make such a movie and such a moving, beautiful but sad movie. I was all the more in shocked to know that the director is not a Chinese but a Malay. It shocked me because the movie capture the some essences of Chinese background with deep understanding like the choice of the soundtrack. The second biggest shocked I got was that the director is not a he but a She. Now it is uncommon to have a female director and more rare to see one in South East Asia.

She was Yasmin Ahmad, a female Award-winning film director who's works touches a lot of hearts with the essence of racial harmony in commercials and films. Unfortunately, she left us on 25 July 2009 from stroke and I felt a great lost with others who saw her works.

*Photo credit to

A event called "Remembering Yasmin" organized by China Square Central & Singapore Film Society on 27 – 28 Nov 09 at China Square Central Outdoor Movie Screening for two of her works. Admission is Free and proceeds from the tribute screenings will be donated to Pertapis Children's Home.

Sepet (Chinese Eyes) 27 Nov 7.30pm
Nineteen-year-old Ah Loong, known as Jason, is in charge of a stall selling pirated VCDs. Contrary to what one might expect his social standing to be, Ah Loong is an incurable romantic with an unlikely hobby--he loves to read and write poetry. Quite content to carry on being the Romeo of the slums, Ah Loong's life takes a sudden turn one day when a sixteen-year-old Malay schoolgirl arrives at his stall in search of Wong Kar-Wai's films.

Gubra (Anxiety) 28 Nov 7.30pm
After the death of her boyfriend, Orked marries an advertising executive and continues to balance her own life and her ongoing involvement with her eccentric parents and their fearsome housekeeper. When a health issue with her father brings her into contact with Alan, the brother of her late boyfriend, they are instantly attracted to each other. Around this time, Orked learns that her husband is having an affair and she begins to make difficult life choices.

Organised by China Square Central & Singapore Film Society

Supported by:
The Estate of Yasmin Ahmad
MHz Films Sdn Bhd
Nusanbakti Corporation Sdn Bhd
Lighthouse Pictures

RSVP at Facebook for this event

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

iPhone for all Singapore Telco

Finally all three Singapore Telco, SingTel, M1 and Starhub are selling Apple iPhone.

Back in August 2008, Singtel was the only telco that authorized to carry the Apple iPhone. The lead had given them selling about 100,000 set of iPhone. M1 and Starhub had finally hopped on the bandwagon and by the end of this year, hopefully we can get to see more competitive package of data plan and the cost of owning a iPhone.

If you are planning to get a iPhone, please do note the model of your iPhone should be iPhone 3Gs and your package of data. The last I know regarding data plan, M1 & StarHub have a maximum usage capped at $36.38 while SingTel is capped at $319.93.