Saturday, December 5, 2009

Random Shots @ ILLUMA

Went to ILLUMA over a weekend and take some random shots around there.

ILLUMA is more of a modern designers theme Shopping centre. Creative artworks can be seen anywhere around the building. This is one artwork I love on the wall. Likely an adidas marketing.
Art piece @ ILLUMA

Even the life lobby design is simple yet contrast looking.
Level 3

This is a shot of a part of the Christmas decoration in the shopping mall. Love the red star.
Red Star Christmas Deco

Will go there again soon I hope.


[SK] said...

eih, i love that first photo, the adidas graffiti on the wall, cool man!! said...

first pic is nice :)

LEon said...

Yes I love that a lot too. :D
You should pop by ILLUMA after your exam. 5th floor got lot of jap food! said...

HAHA i have tried it already, so so standard :P must try those located at The Central :P

LEon said...
Did you try the maid resturant at illum? The sabu sabu quite good. THe Central you mean Clarke Quay?