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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Candies from the Past

Every kid loves Candies and I remember in my childhood there are some which is my favorites. It's a funny feeling if we chance upon some candies which we ate growing up.

Like all parents, my parents limit the amount of candies I should consume and the only freedom opportunity would be during Chinese Lunar New Year where there will be tons of candies, sweet pastries and soft drinks.

Here was one of those candies I bet many of us get to eat during New year. The golden chocolate coins and I found a medal size one!

I love the White Rabbit candies aka 大白兔奶糖. I would ate these whenever I saw it in my childhood. I would even pack some from new year visit into my pocket to consume later.

I found these fun pack version which wrap like the candies and this giant candies contain many smaller candies. Pretty awesome.

Looking at these candies really is a sweet experience from a distance sweet memories.