Facebook new privacy settings

For facebook users, you may want to be aware that once again facebook had given more piracy setting especially for your mobile, address and other contact information. If you do not do anything, some of your information maybe open to anyone at facebook.

To change your privacy setting, roll over to Settings and select pirvacy Settings.

At this option, you may want to set your personal profile or contact information

For me I chose contact information as that is where some of my private information be expose to all facebook users. Now look at the Mobile Phone and Current Address. I do not want to expose those information even to my friends. So I here how I customized it to protect myself.

First I select Customize

At Customize, I choose Only Me. In this way, no one can have my mobile phone even I happen to put that up. You may put that up previously without you knowing.

Here's another option I do not like. Anyone can send me messages. So I choose only friends so that I do not get any spam messages.

By Default facebook may have do certain setting but it is best for you to take extra step to keep my own privacy. I hope you guys may want to do the same too. :)


khengsiong said…
Only me? That doesn't sound logical. Better don't fill up the info in FB.
LEon said…
that is the choice given by facebook which is my option.