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Monday, January 12, 2015

Toshiba’s NFC SD card coming

Near Field Communication aka NFC have been around for sometime and it is wildly use on advertising and some payment. In fact some of the smart phone are having this feature for more than a year.

Toshiba is using this technology on their SD card and it indeed something useful as if you want to check out some stuff on your SD to see if it is there, you just need that on your NFC and place it near the SD card and you should able to see what is inside. To do that, you do need an App on your android device (sorry Apple fan for now).

Do note that the SD over NFC is only for preview purposes and not data transfer as that would take more than NFC bandwidth.

If you must know, NFC is more like bluetooth that limited in bandwidth. It is one good usage of NFC anyway as the SD card do not need power source by itself.

You should able to see this in a few months to come.