Cao Cao's Tomb discovered in China

I read the news today from Yahoo that China discovered the tomb of Cao Cao, one of the historical figure in the Three Kingdom.

Don't get me wrong. I am as excited as anyone of you. If that is true I wished they can discover Zhugeliang tomb real soon. To top it off, here's a photo of the 1800 years tomb of Cao Cao look like from Yahoo.

Impressive workmanship for the arc passage way from 1800 years ago.

"The tomb is located in central Henan province, not far from the Yellow River and near the city of Anyang, where Cao Cao ruled the Kingdom of Wei from 208 to 220, when he died at age 65, the state China Daily reported Monday."

Now it is normal that Cao Cao was being buried in China but after all this year (we are talking about 1.8K years later) suddenly the tomb surface out now?

Think about the dynasties in between, you mean no one know where Cao Cao tomb was or anyone who will discover one? If it is the truth, then it should be an amazing news but somehow I think it is other wise.

"Archaeologists have found the remains of three people in the tomb -- a male around 60 years of age, believed to be Cao Cao, a female of about 50 and a second woman between 20 and 25, thought to be the king's wife and escort."

The science must be really advance that it easy to derive 1,800 years of bones information. Maybe now they can reconstruct Cao Cao's face so that we know how he actually look like? With that DNA maybe can clone Cao Cao?

Sorry I have my doubts but I guess it is human nature. What about you? What believe this is a real deal?


khengsiong said…
If it's China maybe you are right to be doubtful.

After all, China lays claim to every invention in the world, including golf and football.