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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Music Licence may change the way Wedding goes

One of my friend just told me that he may have to pay for the music he going to use in his wedding. Wedding already was a stress event to go through for couple and to top it up, the cost of his plan wedding may have to goes up.

All this happen as the news of copyright owners of commercial music are hunting down infringements, Recording Industry Performance Singapore (Rips) and Music Publishers Singapore(MPS) held an educational talk for wedding photographers and videographers early this week.

Taken from the message is clear that Pay for the copyrighted work or use royalty-free music. Otherwise, face criminal or civil action.

The cost of paying the license will land either on the video company or the newly wedding couples.

I did a search and I found out there are much more license in Singapore you have apply for just to play or perform copyrighted music, exhibit films, use music/karaoke videos and operate TV sets on your premises or at your events.

Copyright Permit to play or perform copyrighted music at arts events such as plays, concerts, drama/dance performances, fashion shows, magic shows, getai etc.

Copyright Licence to play or perform copyrighted music on your premises (e.g. nightspots, karaoke lounges, amusement parks, etc.).

Film Exhibition Licence to exhibit films that are rated NC16, M18 or R21, which includes cinematograph films, videotapes, VCDs and DVDs. You need to apply for a separate licence for each location where the film is screened. If you are screening films rated PG and below, you do not need to obtain this licence.

Licences To Use Music Videos And Karaoke Videos to use (e.g. play, perform and reproduce) music videos or karaoke videos. Businesses such as karaoke operators, nightclubs and bars may require these licences.

Non-Residential TV Licence to place or operate a TV or any other equipment that receives broadcast signals at your business premises. You will still need this licence even if you do not tune into any TV station, and only use the equipment to play videos and DVDs.

More detail at

Still enjoy your music, Singapore?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Google Reader Play

I just discover a new feature that was being introduced by Google when I was using Google reader. It's Google Reader Play. Google Reader Play is a fun way to browse interesting stuff on the web.

Unlike Google reader, you need not add any feed. All the feed are random but guarantee fun and interesting read. Basically it is design for readers who have some free time and wanted to feed their curiosity and to be entertained.

If you find any article interesting, you can marked it as "Star" as bookmarked to read later or achieved it, indicate you Like it or to Share it any social media channel.

The articles will be random and you can slide it as you read along side way. If you are too lazy to even slide, there's slide show option too! Now how easy (lazy encouragement) can you get?

In no way this Google reader Play is going to replace Google Reader which had all your subscribed feeds. I think this would be welcome by many who want to be entertain. I know I do enjoyed it already. LOL

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Add Google Translator to Blogger

Here is a tutorial of how you can add a Google Translator in your blogger blogspot.
Once log in to your blogger account account, go under Layout > Page Elements

This will display the own layout of your blog. Click on Add a Gadget.

A new window will pop up. Select a HTML/JavaScript

The window will refreshed and it is time for you to put in the coding of the following. You may cut and paste it.

You may name the title anyway you like it. For my case, I put "Google Translate". Once done, click on Save and the window will be closed.

Click on Save on the main template and your widget for Google Translator should be up.

If you find this tutorial helpful, please rate it. Comments are welcome.

Monday, March 8, 2010


As I visit some of the blogs, I discover there was a rising trend of bloggers using the LinkWithIn widget.

I can understand why this widget was such a Hit. Not only it present the related content on a neat format, it can trim rather well the picture display in the articles as well.

As what linkwithin said, "Don't Let Your Past Stories Go to Waste!"

So if you are a blogger, this simple widget will help you to keep your readers to read related topic you posted before.

The best part, the widget is Free and Ad-Free!

If you find this useful and use it, comment here to let me know if you enjoy it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rendezvous by a Coffee Addict

Are you addicted to coffee? Perhaps, just like the many coffee aficionados of today’s generation, coffee serves as a sober social lubricant. How many cups of coffee have you ordered from your favorite coffee shop in the last month? Well, if you’re trying to count, then the answer is, “too many.” Coffee houses have become a vital part of our modern culture. A sip of coffee in a relaxed haven, away from the busy streets of the city, is almost like fresh air to someone used to pollution. Even the music being played in coffee houses is a far cry from the pollution in most radio broadcasts nowadays.

Maybe music is political; otherwise, the top ten list on the radio will include only those that deserve to be in the top ten, instead of those who can pay for advertisements and plugs. But coffee shops disregard this political nonsense in music and play only those that they feel deserve their air time, such as classics from veritable music greats, all-time jazz hits, and anything new that just might have the potential of joining the ranks of these music giants.

I won’t be surprised if the band Rendezvous gets aired in my favorite coffee shop one of these days. They play beautiful jazz, which is funny because their songs are also electronica in every sense. It’s like milk in coffee; the paradox is interesting and quite tasteful. Perhaps only a handful of electronica bands can pull that off; or maybe Rendezvous is arguably the only one who can make an electronica song sound pretty much like any jazz hit from the sixties.

Rendezvous’  three tracks, Incognito featuring Summertime, No Man’s Land, and So What, are all jazz electropop songs that might very well make their way to coffee shop play lists all over the globe. But their debut album, coming out this year, has even more to offer than just that.

Find out why Rendezvous has over 150,000 views on YouTube alone and has earned thousands of song downloads; visit their website, or watch short videos featuring their album tracks on YouTube.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How much radiation do your mobile phone emit?

Some years ago when mobile phone came about, there was a discussion over the concern of how high the Specific Absorption Rate, AKA SAR values are to our body. As the technology advance, we kind of forgotten about it or keep a check on it.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) undertook a 10-month research review to understand the risks, and what they found that some of the mobile phone still emit radiation without much improvement. On their website they put together a radiation chart including the latest cellphones and their SAR values.

iPhone and the new Nexus one was more to the high side.

Click here and take a look how much your mobile phone is emitting.

If you are worried about the high radiation, all is not lost as they also provide 8 practical steps to reduce the exposure of the radiation from your mobile phone. Remember when the signal is poor, the phone will have to generate higher power to transmit which increases the radiation.