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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Michael Jackson This is it

Three weeks ago when I find out that the ticket are on sale, I booked two tickets for Michael Jackson, "This is it". My brother and I have been to both Michael Jackson concert that was hold in Singapore. We both still have not accepted the fact that our teenage pop idol had passed away...

Before the movie, I was both excited and sorrowful. How will the movie turned out? Will I have a good memory of MJ final act? There are young and old in that cinema that day and they all are Michael Jackson fans. Before the show started, hits of MJ was playing and everyone was enjoying the songs. As the starting credit rows, there were a deep silent. Everyone was reading the words and when the moment MJ appear on screen, everyone started to breath.

There he was, the King of pop on the stage with smile on his fans singing and dancing away. Although he appear to be skinny, he was very much having energy singing "Don't stop till you get enough". As more of his rehearsal was shown, I totally lost the sense of space and time.

MJ in his 50 was full of energy giving his all even in rehearsal. You can see that there was a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment in his act. During "Beat it", he was rehearsing some move and he was so into the moment that he did some move that I doubt any 50 year old man can do that. The person sitting next to me affirmed by saying "I can't believe he can dance so well in his 50". I couldn't imagine if I were to do what he did.

Most of his old hits was remake with new MTV such as Thrillers, The way you make me feel and smooth criminal. It was great to see how MJ interact with his dancers, musicians and backup singers. If MJ was not so professional in his rehearsal, this movie may not even make the cuts. MJ did not give up on his believe, hope and ideal when he mention about the world in the Earth songs.

In the middle of the movie, I recalled how I felt his concerts both of his Dangerous and History tour in Singapore. The atmosphere and the showmanship of MJ were so overwhelming.

Through out the movie, the Cinema was fulled with cheering, laughing (when MJ said or did something out of our expectation) and some even crying. And when the movie ended with Man in the Mirror, everything in the cinema was frozen for a moment and follow by wave of applause.

The credits started rolling but no one was getting out of their seats. Everyone stay as if to see if they are any spoiler at the end of the movie. Maybe we hope to see that MJ passing was not real. MJ is alive but sadly that did not happen.

As I stepped out of the cinema, I was glad that Michael did show joy and energy in performance. I recalled what MJ said about wanting his concert to be able to bring the viewers to another place for that moment and he did for This is it. He did make us lost in where we are and stepped into Michael Jackson working days. If only he was given more time...

Michael, I hope you are at a better place now fill with love and joy. People may misunderstood you in some ways but no one has ever doubted your talent and the moments you gave to us. You are still dearly missed.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A graph says many things

There's a saying, "A picture says a thousand word." and one of those picture can be a graph.

A graph can be a grange a number of useful information. Here are some of those of which how many will you agree to it?

1. NASA in the News

2. Perception of 1 Minute (True)

3. When you fall asleep easiest. (True)

4. Probability of an honest answer to the question "Am I fat?" (True)

5. Use of Laser Pen (Very true as I seen many play with it even when it was not in presentation)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Plastic Surgery Vs Originality

There is a saying that how we look have to do with fate and genes. In the age we are living with however we can change that if we are willing to go under the knife.

Plastic Surgery is very popular in some advanced countries. To some it can boost self-confident but generally people still hold on to the value of originality. It has always been an issue when an actor or actress was accused to go under the knife. Most of them I know had deny such accusations and claiming it was a natural process een when the evidences were obvious. Why?

To some it has became a trend if they have the money to have double eyelids, bigger assets, nose job and other cosmetic changes. Have you ever wonder why many people look the same in some country? Sadly the off spring of that individual will still inherit the original gene. It would certainly be a scene when the child realized that he/she is an alien as he/she did not resemble to their parents. Of course in due time, the parents could have sent the child to go under the knife too.

Plastic surgery can be addictive and if one value cosmetic value, it will never stop at one if he/she had the resources to do so. Keeping in mind that some of the job done may not look good when ages and may need a period maintenance. It was then more changes will be added by the patient.

Personally I am prefectly fine if it was use for restoration procedure such as those victims who was badly burned, born defects or disfigured by accidents. For such, it is really a gift of God to man.

So what is your stand? Are you for Originality or for Plastic Surgery?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Mcdonalds Monopoly Extra and Trades

Here are my updates of Extras and wants for Mcdonalds Monopoly


Robinson Road
Marina Bay
Ang mo Kio
Farrer Road

Sentosa Cove
Joo Chiat Road
Toa Payoh
Thomson Road
Tanjong RHU
Shenton Way
Newton Road
Scotts Road
Ochard Road

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mcdonalds Monopoly Singapore

Mcdonalds Monopoly had finally reached Singapore. All you need to do is to buy an extra Value meal to get a property card and stand a chance to win the various prizes from 22 Oct – 31 Dec 2009

There are two type of wins. Instant win and collect Win prizes...

For the Instant win, we have:

  • $10 ToysRus Discount Voucher (200,000) Redemption before 28 Feb 2010

  • Rubik's Cube 3x3 Version from ToysRus (1,000) Redemption before 28 Feb 2010

  • $10 Courts Discount (0ff $100 purchase) (50,000) Redemption before 3 Mar 2010

  • $3 Esso Fuel Discount (off $50 Fuel purchase) (250,000)Redemption before 3 Mar 2010

For Collect Win, the requirements for collecting as a set for a chance for the prizes are as follows:

50 x 32GB Touchscreen MP3 Player
Geylang Road (m111) + Joo Chiat Road (m112)

100 x $200 ToyRus Gift Voucher
Ang Mio Kio (m113) + Toa Payoh (m114) + Bishan (m115)

20 x $400 Travel Voucher
Queenstown (m116) + Farrer Road (m117) + Thomson Road (m118)

15x 2N Malacca/ KL Cruise for 4 persons on Suprestar Virgo
Bayshore Road (m119) + Amber Road (m120) + Tanjong Rhu (m121)

10 x Courts Prizes worth $3,000 Each
Shenton Way (m122) + Robinson Road (m123) + Raffles Place (m124)

15 x 100,000 ESSO smiles points
River Valley (m125) + Newton Road (m126) + Scotts Road (m127)

1x 7D hawaii flycruise for 4 persons on pride of America Worth over $24,000
Holland Road (m128) + Orchard Road (m129) + Ardmore Park (m130)

1 x $50,000

I have some extra Pieces of properties. Subscribe my RSS feed or follow my Twitter updates! If you have extras, leave a comment!

Good Luck! You may head over to Mcdonald Monopoly Singapore too.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Who's that girl?

Recently I show this artwork to a friend of mine and less than 5 seconds, he can guess the female artist I took the reference from.

How could that be? I drew with some modification in pencil...Okay mostly on the body parts to make it more prefect. LOL

If you think you know the answer, leave a comment with your guesses.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Singapore Unique Signage?

They said good template can stand the test of time. This sign template unique to Singapore has been around as long as I can remember.

They are four languages imprinted in red wording on white background. This design has been around as long as I can remember.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Artwork #1: Believe in Angels

Since my first homepage at Geocities is closing, I have decided to share some of my old artwork there at this blog. There are done mostly in the 1990s. I was learning inking and try some comic drawing using shading.

Believe in Angels
This piece was inspired by a photograph of a play at that time and the name of my art was inspired by a tag line in the first The Crow movie. The man in the drawing was in pain but there is no saying the angel is to deliver or to harm. It is open to interpretation.

What do you think?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Casio G-Shock Man-Box: Watch & Vinyl Figure

My first watch was a Casio and I didn't know Casio had Vinyl figure for their watches now!

G-Shock latest creation in September features a special edition G-shock Man Box. DW-6900 and BG-5601 each come with a matching G-Shock Man Vinyl figure.

If that is not enough for you, there are three G-Shock figures designed by designer Shiro Nakano for celebrating the 25th Anniversary of G-Shock watch. The figure come with some hands articulations.

Credit to
Some of the watches are available now at E-Casio.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Good and Bad Graffiti

After reading khengsiong and SK blogs on graffiti, I have decided to tag along to show some of the graffiti I capture last weekend.

Generally in Singapore, Graffiti are not allow in public. However at some desalinated area like play park, graffiti are allowed. Most of the time, graffiti is an expression in a form of communication to others. It is common to see big bold wording of some names as a graffiti. Most of the time, I have no idea what the word means. Every now and then someone will spray over some name and design. It's kind of a graffiti war.

It is rare to see good artistic graffiti.

And when it does like the one below who expressed as a tribute to Michael Jackson, someone destroy that piece of art with rubbish! No doubt some may not like MJ nor the art but does such spraying help in anything?

For goodness sake, if you cannot do better graffiti, don't destroy others artwork! Maybe that is why Singapore banned graffiti at large as much are more nonsense than any artistic value.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When Warranty date start counting?

When we buy a consumer product, one of the concern we have is the warranty period. In the former days, warranty card was a essential in verifying the date that the product was sold and the warranty period.

A typical warranty card will consist of two copies. One for consumer copy while another to post it to the manufacturer for documentation. On the sent out copy, will have the company stamp of the shop that sold you the product with a date written by hands. Most of the time however, the date was not written as the shop would want to be nice for consumer to fill their own date in and sent it off later. Because of this, consumers who plan on reselling in the near future will not want to fill the warranty card as it would fetch a better price in the open market.

Not knowing that the time has change, many second hand buyers still buy into the fact if the warranty card is unfilled, the product manufacturers will honor the warranty.

In truth today, products manufacturers have a way to know the actual day that the product was sold and start to count the warranty period. As the shop often send in their order and status of stock to the supplier, the manufacturer now can monitor their product by serial number. In this ways, the consumer may no longer need to send their warranty card and in return fair to the manufacturers as well.

So next time when you want to buy something second hand and warranty is a concern to you. It is best to ask the seller for receipt and the actual date when he/she bought the product. Warranty card may not be filled but that does not mean it is still under warranty.

Friday, October 2, 2009

PSP GO launched

PSP was officially launched yesterday worldwide. PSP GO is a new design which evolved from the PSP console which had a mixed feeling from the PSP fans.

The PSP Go! Specifications is as follows:
- 3.8" screen (smaller than former PSP in width)
- 43% lighter than previous version
- 16 GB on-board flash memory
- Bluetooth support (New Feature)
- No UMD drive (maybe that is why it is 43% lighter)
- Download games and movies via Playstation Store

As a PSP owner (PSP 1006). Is this a pull factor for me? Allow me to share my concerns.

Firstly, the PSP GO design do not grow on me. It does not look comfortable nor durable. I had some experience with sliding phones and from what I experience the wear and tear of sliding may affect LCD screen sooner or later. Compare to the former PSP which is more kid friendly in term of durability? Enough said.

The arrangement of the buttons and joystick looked cramp together. One can only tell how good it is after 3 hours of intense playing action games.

Another concern is where to get the games? How to buy online? Is it secure? For current PSP owner, you can never play your stack of UMD games again because PSP GO do not have a UMD drive. Consider that?

I am pretty sure I am not the only one who have such concerns. Unless such concerns are address, PSP GO may not have a good pull factor for PSP owner to buy a PSP GO.