Photofunia Fun with your photo

Recently I have see some of my contacts having some fantastic creative photo with their face in it. For a moment I thought those contact either getting better with Photoshop or hire profession to help to make their photo creative on facebook or blog. Only later I found out that they are using some easy to use templates on a website to do that magic. Photofunia.

1. Photofunia allow you to first choose your template.

2.With that template chosen, upload your photo

3. It will then generate the custom photos for just two hours while given you a choice to save the photo, make to an avatar or sent it as a postcard.

Head over to have some fun.


khengsiong said…
Are we going to pay for 'send as postcard'?
[SK] said…
yeah, i've got my previous blog banner done using photofunia, it was cool.. now i have a new one done using photosplash, equally cool too.. :)
LEon said…
I am not sure. Didn't go till that step. :P

Yes I notice that as well. You are ahead of me!! LOL