Singapore TV Mobile closing down

After 8 years of TV mobile installation on Singapore Buses (SBS), they finally decided to close it down.

I recalled shortly after TV mobile was introduce, the bus fare went up.

They are a mixed reaction to this move on the ground. Some welcome it for peace and quiet bus ride while they are others who will missed it. Personally I belong to the first group. No doubt I enjoyed some of the show like "Just for Laugh" but they are often or not distracting due to the poorly maintained LCD.

Because of how the LCD is being placed, some buses blocked one of the seat just for the viewing pleasure of the passengers. Well end of the day, I guess it is not profitable for TV mobile in term of advertisements.

Now I just hope they can quickly remove LCD and readjust the seats. I have a feeling maybe SMRT should remove those advertisement on the train station display LCD too.


khengsiong said…
Ads in the train stations is another source of income for SMRT. If the ads LCR are removed, SMRT may actually have to raise the fair.

Personally, I think TV is bad. But a silent advertisement displayed on LCD is fine.
LEon said…
passenger should only pay for the train trip and not advertisement lost...