To lose weight, Drink More Water

When I first hear about losing weight by drinking more water, I was with unbelief. How does water contribute to losing weight? I started my journey to discovery the fact and the myth...

How does water play a part of weight losing? First we must understand what is causing the weight gaining.

Let's take a walk down to our daily routine. You wake up early in the morning you are likely to have caffeinated beverages. During lunch and Dinner you may take meat (process food) and some vegetables perhaps even fruits. In between the days, you may likely to drink coke or other calories drinks. If you have a night out, you are likely to take some form of alcohol. So in one day, how much water did you get?

Water play a major role in metabolism and if our body is dehydrated, the body will compensates by retaining excess water for protective measure. This result in weight gaining. In prolong dehydration, it is possible that a person will mistaken his thirst for hunger.

I heard of examples that a person should take on a average 8 glasses of water. However one should not drink 8 glasses at one goal but should do so at interval of the day.

One good way to drink water is before meal. Take 2 glasses of plain water will greatly reduce your appetite for one and enough to get your body working for the food to digest. To make it to it's best, try drinking warm water rather than cold water. Finally try eating more water dense foods such as vegetables and fruits.