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Friday, March 30, 2012

Big fish eat Little fishes

"Big fish eat little fishes" is a common proverb which describe the cold hard fact that the bigger entity has the power to consume or overwhelmed the smaller ones. Such is the order of nature.

Today I saw with my own eyes the actual presentation of this phase and it strike me about somethings in life.

I was in the supermarket at the seafood section and I saw some big fishes laying lifelessly on the ices waiting for someone to buy them off. I saw something sticking out of the mouth of one of the big fishes. As I moved closer to take a look, it confirmed what I saw. There in the mouth of the big fish was a smaller fish that fit close to the size of it's mouth.

I do not know if this was done on purpose by anyone or the big fish at the last moment of it's life was going for the smaller fish for it's meal.

Whether the truth of the bigger fish eating the smaller fish does not mater as at the end of the day, both of them cannot escape their doom fate . Both are dead and become a dish on someone else table.

That set me thinking, do something in life really matter such as winning or losing?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Make it Right. Indeed!

Recently saw this campaign in the SMRT train about "Make it Right for a Better Ride".

Regardless looking at SMRT wanting some passengers to share something for the campaign, nothing can be further than the truth of what passenger really want.

Reduce the breakdown.

Another I don't get it. Why SMRT keep spending such money on "educating" the passenger? Do they know passenger is the customer? It seems that they look at it that way. What would such campaign do? why not channel the money and resources to cut down mrt breakdown and ensure the train arrive on time?

Ask any passenger and they will tell you the reason why they behave rudely has to do with over crowded and the long waiting times. If they spend the time to have more regular trains, everyone will be happy. Everyone will have more seats.

Make it Right for a better ride SMRT.