Environment Friendly Christmas Decoration

I was rather impressed about this year Tanglin Mall Christmas Decoration. It was the theme I am utterly astounded by it. All of the Christmas decoration in the front were built by recycle materials!

First off, the snowman look shining...

at a closer look, you may recognized the recycle bowl, sticks and other materials.

The beautiful tower like a cone ice-cream

it's body made up of plastic casing that used to packed food, cakes and other stuff.

See this lovely car? Guess what was used to build it?

The tires are made of drink cans

The body and seat wrapped over by newspapers

Guessed what make the candies and the flower at the window?

The flowers were made of plastic foam that wrap fruits.

some were used to build the candies too

The candies are made of used season parking coupons.

I can just say it is a piece of art.

Do you agree?


khengsiong said…
Very interesting.

Nowadays people are more aware of environmental issues. But in Sg, one issue is controlling the use of air-con. Hehe... LKY once said air-con was the greatest invention.
LEon said…
I don't remember he said that. Actually the main issue globally is the carbon from the vehicles.