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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photography of Dogs

Was playing with my Canon 500D over the weekend and the best thing to start shoots are dogs.

The black beauty look to the horizon for something.

Have you found what you are looking for?

Fluffy looking dog. I detected some movement but he just look so gentle. Gentle for an old dog.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Your Local Time Widget on your blog

I have been looking for a widget that is able to display my local timing at my blog. Most of the widget clock online make use of the visitor's system clock to show the timing. However I have a different need. I want my visitor to know the time of where I am. Finally I have found my solution over at

You can choose a country of where you are or where you want the clock take the reference from. You can decide to have Digital clock or Analogue Clock design. With that choice, you can go further to customize some color and format. There also offer some custom countdown and other festival countdown to download.

Other widget such as Weather Widget, Exchange Rate Widget and Currency Converter Widgets.

I have added one on this blog. Now my readers will know the timing of where I am when they read the content. :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My new DSLR Canon 500D

I have never think of getting a DSLR until recently for my family needs. I was asking around and I got some recommend me Nikon while other for Canon. I went to Commex 2009 to ask for more and have my hands on. The sales personnel there are not very fantastic at both booths. Maybe because it was crowded but still it is not an excuse.

When I was at Nikon booth, a young salesman was challenging me with my questions. No doubt I am still quite green in DSLR, I am one potential customer and my questions need to be addressed. While having passion and knowledge of your product is good but as a sales personnel, what is more importantly is your tone. I was rather offended but I kept my peace. No matter how good Nikon product has been, the services already left me a bad taste. I can understand they are they pushing for commission but that is not the way to do business. So what you have freebies? Regardless of the freebies, I have decided to head to some establish camera shops at Funan Shopping Center to look around.

Since I tried out Nikon, I asked for Canon. The functions are quite similar and what I am going for is pricing, service and support. After about 45 minutes getting my questions answered and hands on, I went for a Canon 500D.

I did not get the lens but got myself another lens for macro shooting which I am more incline to. They even come with a FREE crumpler camera bag!

It was a major purchase but we feel happy. Expect to see some photography post in the days to come here at Leonography.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Join in Michael Jackson This is it!

It is slightly more than a month before Michael Jackson "This is it" going to hit the theaters on 29 October 2009. This movie will be screening for two weeks only.

Beside offering fans to join in at the facebook, they also allow fans to upload their photo as a Mosaic over as a poster at their website. Will you be another part of Michael Jackson last movie?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Visit to Singapore St John Headquarters

I have the opportunity to revisit the Singapore St John Headquarters a week ago. I became a member of St John Ambulance Brigade at my secondary school days. It was not really a popular choice in term of uniform group but I find it was the most useful and relevant one as the knowledge of first aid are really useful.

St John HQ is situated at the busy town area at Beach Road. It was one of the old buildings at that area. The building in many ways has some rich history through the growing times and here are some of them.

At the external of the building near the gate, was this classic piece of logo.

The logo was neatly arrange with Mosaic.

Below the logo was a monument that marked the laying of the foundation stone by Sir Robert Brown Black, Governor and Commander-in-chief of the Colony of Singapore on 23rd of November 1957.

The grand opening of the HQ was on 23rd July 1960 marked by the following plaque.

The building was 3 stories in height and there was an old lift in the HQ. The lift was a donation and it is still working to this day. Just look at the buttons control and you will get a feel how old the lift is.

After close to 20 years since my last visit, the HQ did not change much. Maybe just more air-condition ans some new paints but the architecture and the interior remain very much the same. St John Ambulance after all is a non-profit organization where every cent they collected was given back to the community and public medical services.

This visit to the HQ really bring back many fond memories I have in my secondary days attending meeting, training and flag day preparation. I was glad to be a part of St John Ambulance Brigade as I learn quite a lot of life skill there.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The passing of "Crayon Shin-chan" Creator, Yoshito Usui

It seems like 2009 is a sad year. I just learned that the Creator of Crayon Shin-chan aka 蜡笔小新, Yoshito Usui age 51 was found dead on a mountain in Japan.

I started to read Crayon Shin-chan in 1996. I was in camp and some of my friends were reading it. I was not attracted to the books at first for judging the cover as the drawing look like kids drawing. However the laughter of my friends reading the comic make me wonder why. So I decided to pick up book one and at the very first chapter, I started to chuckle.

The innocent and honestly of a simple minded 5 year old boy who happen to have a growing interest in woman got me hocked. Even his family member reaction like the mother and father were so well scripted as a comedy that most of us can identify with. Even when the drawing of the comic look kiddish, the content however is not suitable for children.

Some of my family members also a big fan of the Comic and Anime. I bet they will be sad when I break this news to them.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Apple + Nike = Healthier Lifestyle?

When is the last time you went for a run? I always enjoy my run or jog when put my mind somewhere else as I run. In that case, I can run longer and further and when I start concentrating or think about my run, I will feel tired and stop shortly. In time like that, music do help.

Apple and Nike had recently work together to make running more fun. Making use of a Pedometer and synchronizing to a iPod Nano, it will keep a data of your run while pacing you with your music on your iPod.

After the run, you can sync your iPod to Nike website and it will display your various progression of your run. It can also record the number of steps you walk everyday when the pedometer is with you. In that you can see how much you have walk and exercise in a day.

Here's a personal sharing of someone first run using the nikeipod and pedometer .

So it seems this combination of Apple and Nike is a healthier one.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where and Ways to Sell your Custom Products Online

Ecommerce has been around for quite sometime now. If you are an artist, by that I mean you make something with your own hands, there are couple of sites that provide a shop front to sell your custom stuff online.

If you are a writer, digital artist, Photographer or a musician, you can sell your artwork at E-Junkie or kiqlo or deviantart.

E-Junkie provide shopping cart for selling of ebooks, mp3 tracks/ albums, software, icons, fonts, artwork, phone cards, event tickets, cds, posters, books, t-shirts and much more for a fees. Here is a review on E-junkie.

Kiqlo is a free tool that allows students and artists to feature and share or sell their digital files like pictures, eBooks, animations.

If you have handmade custom products such as Dolls, Artwork, pottery and others handmade, you can consider to sign up with It is a community of artist majoring in homemade/handmade items. You can sell others stuff if it fit to the 3 categories: Handmade, Supplies and Vintage (over 20 years).

Do note that etsy do charge a fees for sellers. You may read more about the fees and how to sell it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Giant Robot in Real life

Giant Robot or so to say life sized Robot that we only thought it happen in the movie or cartoon are now happening in real life around the world. Although they does not move, the mere life size of it already gave some satisfaction to the fans. Following are 3 Asia Country that has or about to embark on building 1:1 Robots.

In Japan, they had build a 1:1 (59 fts) Gundam in Tokyo last month for it's 30 Annerivaries of Gundam.

Following that South Korea is going to have it's Taekwon-v which stand 59 feet in a theme park by the year 2012. Does Taekwon-V look like a Japan's Mazinger Z?

* News Source

However not many know that way before Japan and South Korea, China already has a 40 Feet Generation 1 Optimus Prime in Yunan, China.

For the effort they put into it, they deserved my applause. I don't see anyone so fanatic to do build such life-sized Robot.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"They don't care about us" version I never saw till today

In Michael Jackson history album, I always felt the strong message in the songs about social problem of the world. I only get to see the original release version of the MTV which was him singing in Rio de Janeiro but never did I know there was a prison version.

After watching the following video, I really felt that is how MJ really want the video to be. I can feel the emotion of the songs.

One for Michael.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Really Simple Syndication

Heard of Really Simple Syndication? No? Really? How about RSS?

Really Simple Syndication = RSS in short form.

I bet many do not know that. I am not surprised if you don't. I met a blogger last week who does not know the power of RSS. I was once ignorant about RSS and when I discovered and used it, it had saved 40% of my precious time. How does it do that?

There are couple of websites I visit regularly for news and interesting topics and before RSS came about, I used to save links to these websites as "bookmarks" or via email subscription. Once bookmarked, I did not really remember the domain name. After all, why should I since I had already bookmarked them. The problem comes when I have the time to access from another computer. The bookmark was not there and it took me much time to search or recall the URL.

Email subscription on the other hand was good only for a period of time but as my schedule got busy, emails started to flood my inbox. Then came RSS.

The beauty of RSS is that you get to subscribe to your favourite website through an RSS reader which is something like your email application but it does not take up web space. You simply need to sign up for a free RSS reader account which is offered by Google or various providers to store your RSS. Once you add the subscription to your reader, you just need to read it from your reader. So basically you access one site for all your desired content.

The advantages of RSS in short are as follows:
- You can access your favourite content from anywhere as long as you have internet access.
- You can easily remove any subscription instantly through your reader.
- It is Spam-free since you keep your reading and email apart and your email will not be exposed to the site owner.
- Privacy as the owner of the content will not know who you are besides knowing what reader you use.
- If your internet provider restricts access to your favourite website, you can still read its content via RSS.

So how does RSS save 40% of your surfing time?
1. You need not look for new update going to your various favorite sites. Once new content came in, it will appear in your reader. That saves you opening various browsers and wait for content to be loaded.

2. Some sites take longer time to load not because of content but other things like banner and advertisements. By reading in your reader, only the content of the post and the pictures related will be displayed.

3. Since all your subscriptions appears in one site, it cuts down your surfing time and does not require you to open multiple browser windows.

That concludes my findings on the beauty of RSS. It is Really Simple Syndication.

Subscribe to my
Subscribe my RSS for FREE! RSS feed as there will be related posts in days to come. :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Army Open House 2009 in Singapore

I visited Army Open House 2009 of Singapore last week.

This open house is open to the public to have a better understanding of 3rd Generation Army. It is quite timely as it kind of fit to the student's holiday week.

Singapore Army had keep themselves up to date their uniform to pixel Camo.

It was interesting to see the military vehicles being display for all to view. There have various helicopters.

Various Heavy armor vehicles

And last but not least, the big guns!

It was crowded since the event was open for the public free of charge. To view more of the action, you can go here.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bumblebee is in Singapore!!

I was at Suntec this evening and suddenly something caught my eyes.

No it can't be... Bumblebee in Singapore??

Isn't that a Concept design from Chevrolet Camaro? So I went closer to take a look.

It was indeed Camaro 2008 a concept car design under Chevrolet. It is a left hand drive and I couldn't open the door to take a picture of it.

But this is as good as it going to get.

It really brighten my day. :D I know. If only it can transform. I wish too!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Laika the Russian space dog

I read a post from a Toyriffic regarding a graphic novel "Laika" by Nick Abadzis he just read.

I know they sent monkey to space but dog? Who sent him to space? How long did he spent in space? Did Laika return to earth alive? That interest me and I went searching for more details until I finally found one.

It was found on

November 3, 2007 (RFE/RL) -- Fifty years ago today, a stray dog called Laika became the first earthling to reach outer space.

The flight was a crowning triumph for the Soviet Union in the emerging space race with the United States. Just a month earlier, Moscow had successfully lifted Sputnik I, the world's first satellite, into orbit.

'Victory For Mankind'

Oleg Mukhin, the vice president of the Russian Federation of Astronautics, says November 3, 1957, was a victorious day for the USSR. "It was a victory for the whole country and a global achievement," he says. "It symbolized mankind's science, it was a victory for mankind. Of course, we are proud that our country took these first, great steps into the cosmos."

But amid the cheering, one man was grieving for the ill-fated dog. Oleg Gazenko, the director of the Institute of Biomedical Problems, was responsible for training Laika. He knew the Sputnik II aircraft that would take the dog to space did not have the technology necessary to return her safely to Earth.

"Newspapers, radio, and television were ecstatic," Gazenko says. "But I must admit that my heart was very heavy. Firstly, I understood that the animal would not be able to come back to Earth. Secondly, I knew that the temperature in the rocket's cabin gradually rose during the first hours. I guessed that the dog was dead."

Soviet scientists originally planned for Laika to spend seven days in orbit before being euthanized. But due to a malfunction in the thermal-control system, Laika died of stress and heat exhaustion within hours of the launch.

Five months and 2,570 orbits later, in April 1958, her capsule burned up upon reentry into the Earth's atmosphere.

Ahead of the Sputnik II mission, several dogs had been flown to the stratosphere on a rocket and parachuted back to Earth. But for the first space flight, Gazenko picked Laika from a pool of three canines selected for the experiment. He describes Laika as a friendly, endearing dog.


Gazenko says Laika's six-month training was intense. "She had to be trained to sit still in a small cubicle, to eat gel-like food dispensed by a small machine, to get used to the stress and irritating aspects of space flight," Gazenko says. "We accustomed her to the sound of rocket engines and spun her in a centrifuge."

The mutt was also trained to wear a spacesuit dotted with sensors to monitor her heartbeat, blood pressure, and breathing.

Despite Laika's ordeal, the mission was deemed a success. By proving that a mammal could survive liftoff and weightlessness, Laika paved the way for manned flights to outer space.

In April 1961, the world's first cosmonaut, the Soviet Union's Yury Gagarin, blasted into space.

State Secret Revealed

The circumstances surrounding Laika's death remained a state secret for 45 years. To soothe outraged animal lovers around the globe, Soviet officials insisted the four-legged cosmonaut had died peacefully after a week in space, by eating a specially planned toxic substance that mission organizers said would allow for a painless euthanasia.

The truth was revealed only in 2002 by Dmitry Malachenkov, a scientist who had worked on the Sputnik II mission.

To this day, the 88-year-old Gazenko says he is regularly gripped by remorse over Laika's death. But perishing in space, he says, was Laika's fate.

"Unfortunately, the mission was necessary," he says. "Before Laika's flight, we were able study the effects of weightlessness for just a few minutes. Laika's flight showed that the path to space was open for the Earth's living beings."

I can't help but to feel sad that they put such living creature to such experiments knowing the certain risk.

Maybe this page of Laika said it all...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Leonography is 1 year old!

I have been blogging on this blog for 1 year now. It was an eventful year and I learned quite a number of things especially in blogging. Since it is the anniversary, I'm going to share it here.

Traffic does not equal to readership
I started blogging and was introduce Entrecard which promises to increase hit rates and it does but the visitor from there just pop in to drop card and earn credits. They are not sincere in reading the content I have been preparing to share. I did a article on the topic : Do you want more readers or more traffic?

Things started to get more eventful when...

Google closed Leonography due to false positive for being a Spam blog
I was happily blogging about my blog experience and archive every single thing I learned about blogging at this blog. One fine day, I can't access the blog anymore. I was so frustrated that I created another blog to claim this blog back from google. After two months plus of struggle, I gain my innocent and Leonography was back but I lost all my readership. I was spending my time blogging about Toys at It took me sometime to come back here to blog about blogging and other internet experiences I learned. Until now, I still do not fully understand what is the reason they suspected me as a spam blog.

The Passing of Michael Jackson and another part of me
I had always been a MJ fan and in the beginning of the my blog, I shared with my readers about my memories of Michael Jackson 1993 Dangerous concert in Singapore. When in June the news of Michael passing was announced, I like all other fans did not believe it. I took out my collections of MJ cassettes that are still with me, I took photos to share what I have which is MJ here to other fans and remember MJ by.

What is Leonography all about? Is it a punchline?
I sure hope not. In Leonography, I tried to share what is closed to my heart in the blogsphere or online world, issue of the world, arts and another other little treasures I have collected along the way. It kinda mix of bit and pieces of my life. Allow me to share with my joy and my fears and in return I would like to hear what's your point of view too.

Thank you for following Leonography. Really appreciate every single one of you. I promise more interesting news and writing. Subscribe to my RSS for that or follow me on twitter.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Disney to buy Marvel in $4 Billion deal

So the word has it that Disney will take over ownership of 5,000 Marvel characters, such as Spider-Man and the X-Men for Four Billion dollars.

Can you imagine how the familiar heroes we grew up knowing with would be like to be with Disney?

Disney is no doubt strong in marketing and for family entertainment. However, Marvel comic books are not only for kids but for Geeks/nerd teens and adults.

Can you imagine how Hulk and Wolverine "Behave"? What about Venom or Dr. Doom? No doubt there will be a Marvel theme park in time to come which the fans can shout about but how much control and "Crossover" do you see them coming?

Here are some reaction from the web from, Idiewire and stormtroopereffect.

Whatever it is, we just have to wait and see. One thing for sure, Disney is getting stronger with 5000 Superheroes in his rank.