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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Giant Mahjong Set for Chinese New Year

I went to giant Supermarket to do some Chinese new year shopping. After I made my payment I was given a snatch and win thingy. Curiously I snatched and I got a symbol from Mahjong which is a "White tile".

For every SGD$30 you spend from now till 31 March 2010, you will be given one snatch and win chance. All you need to do is to form the 13 wonder pattern and you will be one of the 888 customers who will walk away a Mahjong set.

I personally have not seen the Mahjong set but I am sure this will be a popular move since Mahjong is one of the popular game during Chinese New Year. You can read more detail from the picture below.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet Goojje and YouTubecn

No there is no typo or spelling mistake. These two websites as many would have guess would be from China and there are reason why these two websites comes about.

About a month ago, Google was considering to pull out of China because of some hackers hacked into some China Human rights group. Goojje (谷姐), dubbed “Google’s little sister” due to the fact that 姐 is pronounced “jie” as Google was know as 谷哥.

It's tagline reads: “哥的留下是为了姐,哥依然迷恋着姐," means "Brother is staying for sister as the brother is still very much obsessed with sister." You can very much guess the message that most Chinese wanted Google to stay. As for the function, Goojje can able to do some search which give search results like google format.

Since China banned youTube in 2008 because of videos related to Tibetan unrest and who know when that came about having much video as in youTube. So now China can watched some youtube again.

To some these website are just copycats but with the understanding of the background maybe they survived for a reason. So far this two websites are still running but the future of them remain not so optimistic. Will China government take any action to site owners or will the Original owners sue these Copycat website for reaching China?

What's your take?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The falling birthrate in Singapore

I came across this letter written to the Straits Times addressing some issues about falling birthrate in Singapore. It pointed out many straight and obvious factors and if the nation is really concern, then they should looked into it in long term and not a Cheaper, Better, Faster way out as we know there are no short cuts in life or we will have to pay the price later like we are in now.

Be single-minded about having more babies

I AM glad the Government acknowledged in yesterday's report, 'Fewer babies for first time in five years', that growing our population is a priority.

But the devil is in the details.

First, the cost of living. With the HDB and private home index rising, homes are becoming more expensive and beyond the reach of young couples who want to start a family.

Couple that with the rising cost of electricity, food, transport, goods and services tax and education, and it is small wonder that we are way below our total fertility rate and are being forced to face the challenges of an ageing population.

The salary increment of an average Singaporean lags behind the rise in cost of living and housing.

The dramatic spike in public flat prices benefit only those of previous generations who bought their properties earlier.

As for the work-life balance that is vital in creating a conducive environment for procreation, Singaporeans work long hours to make ends meet.

Others struggle with night classes after work to upgrade themselves or are caught up in a mid-career switch.

The men are also expected to set aside time to keep fit to meet the requirements of their duties as national servicemen.

So, let us have more clarity about priorities.

If having more babies is the national priority, then there should not be two or three other priorities that detract from our focus on arresting the trend of having fewer and fewer native-born citizens.

Wong Yeow Chong
* Credit to

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A week after "Let's clean up before we go" at Mcdonald

It has been one week after the "Let's clean up before we go" at Mcdonald and here is what I saw.

Most of the bright yellow stickers on the table are damaged. Maybe because of the print quality or because some playful children deeds.

Some Peeled

Some Teared

and some still simply do not care... :(

Nonetheless, I still happen to see some customers clearing their own trays before they leave. Will it get better or will it remain the same...Only time will tell.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's clean up before we go at Mcdonald

This week as I stepped into a Mcdonald outlet in Singapore, I realized something different. I notice the table had bright yellow stickers. On closer look this is what I saw.

It is a kindness movement. Even the trash bin had stickers too.

And on my drink cup I saw even Ronald Mcdonald doing it.

From day one mcdonalds employed staff to clean up the trays and the food that left behind by their customers. In the mid 1990s to mid 2000 they employed senior citizens to do these tasks but of late I didn't see senior citizen worker anymore. I recalled one of my oversea friend was very upset watching elderly working at such job. He asked me "Why all the old people work this kind of job or working at all? Back in my country old people stay at home and being taken care of." I do not know what to say to him that time. I just answer him that these elder folks some have to work while other just to past time.

Anyway I really wonder if this campaign pick up. The moral of the story is...

"Let's clean up before we go".

Friday, January 15, 2010

Provoking Actions?

Do you find the following provoking to you?

You are walking on the street and a stranger started give a sharp squeak as you walking past him/her?
You are walking on the street and as you walk past a stranger, he/she started to make loud noises mincing what you would say?
You are walking on the street and a stranger started to challenge you loudly?

Do you consider the actions provoking? I mean in the first place why would anyone want to do something to you especially you are just minding your own business? Most of such can be rather forgiven if they are kids.

Well this is what happen day in and out when I bring my dog out for a walk. I mean my dog don't bite nor he bark at you but why must you do such action to my dog? Even as a owner I felt provoked in some way. Sure my dog and I can exercise some patience but please do not do such irritating actions as we are also relaxing on the streets and park.

Just mind each other business would be good. Thank you.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Google may quit China

It was a surprising news that Google is now considering to quit China.

According to the official word of google over hacker accessing the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.

In January 2006 Google has been censoring search result in China inline with the China's laws and other restrictions on their services. After the amount attacks (hacking) and the surveillance to date, Google is now reviewing the feasibility of their business operations in China.

Will Google really quit China market? This could be a big lost to them...

Several Chinese citizens placed flowers at the Google Logo outside of the company's Beijing office yesterday.

Photo Credit to: CNImaging/Newscom

By the way in case you do not know, China blocked Blogspot and youtube.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT PS3 Bundle Pack

On January 27th, Japan will be releasing a PlayStation®3 ‘Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT’ Special Pack. This release is done concurrently with the release of Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT on Blu-ray™/DVD discs in Japan.

The bundle pack includes the PS3® with 120GB Hard Disk Drive and "Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT" Blu-ray Disc. It will be a limited offer at a recommended retail price of 33,500 yen (including tax) in Japan only.

I am keeping my finger crossed that somehow this offer will extend to other region. It would be a good excuse to get a PS3 since I plan to watch This is it on fullHD again!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The SingPost "acts of vandalism" on Mailboxes Saga

I have been following this piece of News since New year day. Apparently the "acts of vandalism" on mailboxes were done by SingPost as a publicity stunt. In the apology statement, the vice president, Marketing of SingPost, said: "As part of the YOG is also talking about self expressing, it's really about sports and arts. And sports and arts is really about expressing yourself and that's the core spirit of it."

Do this look like art to you?

* Photos credits to &

From how we are brought up in Singapore as a clean and Green City, these type of graffiti are label to Vandalism generally. How much more when it was done and caught done by a Masked man during the holiday cerebration in a full view of the pubic?

Even if it was meant to work by "viral marketing" - where awareness is raised via videos, messages or images being sent in a self-replicating "viral" process, the moment the general public who was constantly told to be vigilant from any suspicious character  saw a masked man doing such art related to vandalism will certainly caused unrest.

Isn't it better if the hired artist  wear a SingPost T-shirt and put an sign there making it clear that he is doing this for Youth Olympus for SingPost? If they want to attract the youth, why not hand such artistic stuff to the art school students to do that as a project? Plus the message in the graffiti has say nothing about the coming Youth Olympus Game. So SingPost making a public apology was part of the plan or was it suppose to go the other way? 

Regarding the graffiti on the mailbox, do you think it will bring in more "Customers"? What do they want the person to think or act when they saw such "design and messages" when they see the mailbox suppose if He/She is a youth?

"Wow that is cool! I feel like mailing some stuff today!" ?

I for one will feel insecure to put my mail into the mail box especially with the message "BOOMZ!" for the fear of losing my mail. I can't help it, it was the environment we were brought me up to be clean and proper. If it is for the coming Youth Olympic Games awareness, why not move to letters, stamps or posters on the mailbox? Isn't that more direct and more professional for Olympics?

Lastly there is only one common local postage in Singapore (unless you consider FedEx or DHL for parcel) so generally if  anyone who want to post anything have to go through SingPost. So is there still a need to do marketing for this even if you are a sponsor?

Obviously the marketing campaign had backfired to the general public. However if there is any consolation, it did get quite a lot of attention and we are more aware of the YOG in August knowing SingPost is one of the official sponsor who hired a masked man to spray their own mailbox hoping the new media will push such message around. For all you know, I am also play a part for creating the awareness for SingPost and YOG too with this article. :)

Wait...this is the second articles for YOG already. The first is Lyo and Merly.