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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 3 of Android 2.1 Update on HTC Hero

This is my day 3 using the new Android Éclair on my HTC Hero.

But here's something I discovered personally.

No more Keypad Calibrating
I could not find Keypad Calibrating option on my HTC Hero anymore. It's not that I need it since I calibrated during Android 1.5 before but for the new users maybe it would be helpful to them. oh well...

New Camera and Video software upgrade
They upgraded the camera and video software on the phone with more option but please note that since they upgraded the software, all the images and Video naming convention have been reset! I have overwritten some of my old photos by the new one as I copy them on to my PC! So do take note of you updated your phone.

If I discover more stuff, I will blog on it more.

By the way, if you have not receive Over-The-Air update of your Android 2.1 update on your HTC Hero, may you can try to change your the year on your date to 2011 and do another update search. It should work. The update of the firmware should be around 30 minutes depending on your broadband speed and your carrier.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

HTC Hero Android 2.1 Upgrade!

I have been waiting for sometime for my HTC Hero to have a firmware update from 1.5 to 2.1. This morning when I connect my phone to the internet, it prompted me for the update. I was surprise at first and later impressed with the update downloaded and install in my phone seamlessly all through my mobile broadband. And the best thing was all my data was intact after the installation. How cool is that?

I have to give credit to HTC for that!

HTC said that the upgrade to Android 'Eclair' would come in two parts. The first will be rolled out from this week and will be automatically detected by the handset's update checks (this is what I got and did). The second, which "will follow towards the end of the month", will wipe all data on the phone and therefore necessitate a user data backup, HTC said. So please note to update now before the second lest you lost your data!

More info here.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Went to CommunicAsia2010 at Singapore Expo on a weekday. It is exciting to see some of the technology from different countries exhibit their products.One of which that interest me was Mobile communication. Samsung was there to promote on of their latest android product, Galaxy S. I have a hands on it and I like the big screen but the menu look very iPhone looking. It was still running android 2.1.

Skype was there too. It colorful booth really draw people attention. They were giving iPhone cover for those who had their iPhone installed the Skype Apps.

Apparently, there are no love for Skype to Android user it seems...:(

But the most surprising thing was to see Japan Docomo to be there displaying their docomo phone!

Here's one that will drive the ladies crazy.

Still don't get it? Maybe this will help.

You got it right. It is Kate Spade Docomo mobile phone!

It seems like ladies love flip phone.

Stylish keypad.

Later on I pop over to Broadcast Asia and 3D was a hot topic of the day. With 3D TV, camera and broadcasting. Some of the 3D TV need glasses while some do not. Here's one that do not need the glasses.

Sony did a good job in selling video camera that they hire a artist painter to paint the colorful umbrella for you to test out the video camera in a studio setting.

Overall CommunicAsia was a big event and there was just too many things to talk about. I will certainly look forward to next year.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

FIDO Woof Cup Edition

The World Cup at South Africa had started and the fever had even goes to Dogs market from UNIO.

There are other choices when it come to country team.

I think Football fans who are Dog owner may pay for this.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Obama Candy

I visited a local convenience store and on one of the snack bar, I saw these candy!

Obama the current President of United States of America had a candy line?! Just look at the information on the container. Obama must be really famous that people do a product for him.

Friday, June 4, 2010

SMRT Train Vandalised!

This is the first time in history, a Mass Rapid Transports (MRT)in Singapore being vandalised externally.

According to the source from the Straits times, it was vandalised at a depot in a restricted area amounted with array of barriers, including fences topped with barbed wire.

The vandal suspected to be a 33-year-old Swiss national, sneaked into the sprawling depot at Changi. The elaborate graffiti was on one side of a train, across one carriage. More news at Straits times.

Once again this maybe adding on a bad name in Street graffiti which the last time such action in the act of advertisement by Singpost, the public didn't take it well. With this new act of vandalism especially from a foreigners who do it intentionally, local Street Graffits artist maybe having a hard time with their works and passion.

It seems many have forgotten about the case of a foreigner preformed a vandalism act, Michael P. Fay. A decade of years later, Vandalism act by a foreigner happened again and this time on a Singapore Public Transport blatantly without respect on local authority.

Even in the name of art, one should be accountable of his own action. Now we have to let the law proceeding to set things in place.