LASALLE College of the Arts Campus Wall Painting

Sometime ago I wall past LASALLE, a art college which is situated at the heart of the city. The LASALLE building has an interesting architecture no less expected from a Art college.

I saw some interesting Graffiti which is done by the students (I suppose) and decided to take some snap shots of it.

Art is always a subjective matter, What appeal to one, may not appeal to another.

Some like it colorful

While some like it plain

It can express emotion of the artist

Communicating to various individual.

Some can be rather abstract

Some can be contemporary

Some can even come with POP Culture.

I have to say creativity comes in many ways.


khengsiong said…
These are not real walls, but boards temporarily erected for students to express their talent, right?

I like the art in the 6th and 7th pictures.
LEon said…
There are real walls. Apparently the campus allow them to draw on them in an artistic ways. That's what so cool about the campus. :)
Sajol said…
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