Lyo & Merly Singapore Youth Olympics 2010

Next year Singapore is hosting Youth Olympics.

For that there were two mascot being design. Lyo and Merly

Lyo get his name from "Lion of the Youth Olympics," and Merly gets her name from "mer" meaning the sea, and "l" for Liveliness and "y" for Youthfulness. It was said that the mascots will travel to five cities around the world as part of the global torch relay for the Games.

I discover the store is on at Takashimaya selling the merchandise.

Well that is something to look forwarded to in 2010.
Before I forget, Happy New Year!

Singapore Youth Olympic Website


khengsiong said…
The mascots are of Japanese manga style, I think...
LEon said…
You are right. Japanese manga style is in fashion now. :)