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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Old Table Tennis Table

In the 1970s, Ping Pong aka Table Tennis was very popular in Singapore. As a growing nation then as the population are more community centered, sports was one of the way people get together.

In every residential area, concrete table tennis table were built and it's a popular place for teenagers and kids to hang out.

I remember people install their own table tennis net and start their ping pong game. Due to the fact most of these table were outdoor, the wind always affect the game. However the players doesn't really mind a bit as fun was the factor.

As for kids like me then, we play a game called "Crocodile" which some kids will be under the table trying to grab the legs of the kids which are on the table. As there will be many kids on the table, it is quite a good change for the "Crocodile" to pass the tag to another kid. Back then, kids play together and have lot of fun in such healthy sports.

Today these table are disappearing. I saw this sometime back and took a photo for memory sake.

Good times.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How bladeless fan works?

My first encounter of seeing bladeless fan was about a year ago. I remember how amazed I was feeling the breeze from the fan but not seeing any rotating blade. Best of all, it is quiet.

Ever wonder how it work? Here's what I found out.

Apparently the pricing is one of the draw back for me of getting it. I will wait till it is more economical. R.O.I is important. :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

eneloop glitter Limted Edition

Life is full of colors. Can you guess what is these colorful things?

You will never have guessed these are batteries. Not just any batteries but eneloop Rechargable Batteries.

These colorful glittering set is a Limited Edition eneloop rechargeable batteries from Japan celebrating their 5th anniversary and sold 150 million batteries over 60 countries!

These set of 8 batteries come pre-charged which mean you can use it straight away. The pre-charging process was done by solar power as SANYO believe in "Clean Energy Loop". Each of these batteries can charged up to 1500 times.

One major concern about rechargeable batteries for me will be the self-discharge rate even you are not using it by leaving it on the shelf. Most rechargeable batteries would drained of it own energy in 2 years but eneloop batteries can retain 75% of it's energy even up to three years! These were confirmed by 2 of my contacts in different occasion when I asked them about their experience on eneloop batteries. Both of them pointed out on the reliability of retaining the energy even when there were in storage.

Now some may think the colors are just designs to attract consumers but I think it is practical. How often you mixed your fully-charged batteries with those used one? How will you be able to tell them apart if they all looked exactly the same? By these color code, you can tell them a part easily and you can choose the different color to match difference devices depending on your mood too.

The new “eneloop glitter” battery pack  is already available in Singapore at Meidi-Ya Supermarket, Dufry Singapore and all Best Denki, Selffix D.I.Y, Sprint-Cass, and other electronic stores at a recommended retail price of S$49.90.

We can always use some green energy and some colors too!

Apple IOS 5 Features

I have to say Apple really doing their work well. After watching the feature of the IOS 5, I am impressed.

Now the question remain how can iPhone 4 update to this OS? How will the upgrade be done? How much will it cost end of the day?