Remembering Yasmin, a tribute screenings 27 - 28 Nov 2009

Some years ago, one of my Malaysian friend recommend me to watch Sepet. He told me it is by a Malaysia film maker about a love story between a Chinese boy and a Malay girl in the setting of Malaysia. Never have I imagine someone would be bold enough to make such a movie and such a moving, beautiful but sad movie. I was all the more in shocked to know that the director is not a Chinese but a Malay. It shocked me because the movie capture the some essences of Chinese background with deep understanding like the choice of the soundtrack. The second biggest shocked I got was that the director is not a he but a She. Now it is uncommon to have a female director and more rare to see one in South East Asia.

She was Yasmin Ahmad, a female Award-winning film director who's works touches a lot of hearts with the essence of racial harmony in commercials and films. Unfortunately, she left us on 25 July 2009 from stroke and I felt a great lost with others who saw her works.

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A event called "Remembering Yasmin" organized by China Square Central & Singapore Film Society on 27 – 28 Nov 09 at China Square Central Outdoor Movie Screening for two of her works. Admission is Free and proceeds from the tribute screenings will be donated to Pertapis Children's Home.

Sepet (Chinese Eyes) 27 Nov 7.30pm
Nineteen-year-old Ah Loong, known as Jason, is in charge of a stall selling pirated VCDs. Contrary to what one might expect his social standing to be, Ah Loong is an incurable romantic with an unlikely hobby--he loves to read and write poetry. Quite content to carry on being the Romeo of the slums, Ah Loong's life takes a sudden turn one day when a sixteen-year-old Malay schoolgirl arrives at his stall in search of Wong Kar-Wai's films.

Gubra (Anxiety) 28 Nov 7.30pm
After the death of her boyfriend, Orked marries an advertising executive and continues to balance her own life and her ongoing involvement with her eccentric parents and their fearsome housekeeper. When a health issue with her father brings her into contact with Alan, the brother of her late boyfriend, they are instantly attracted to each other. Around this time, Orked learns that her husband is having an affair and she begins to make difficult life choices.

Organised by China Square Central & Singapore Film Society

Supported by:
The Estate of Yasmin Ahmad
MHz Films Sdn Bhd
Nusanbakti Corporation Sdn Bhd
Lighthouse Pictures

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khengsiong said…
I haven't watched Sepet, but I have watched Yasmin Ahmad's ad for Chinese New Year. Its message is that filial piety is more important than financial success. Very meaningful.
LEon said…
you should catch Sepet. It hard to find such filmmaker who put across positive stuff in life.