Visit Singapore through Google Map

Now you can visit Singapore anytime you like through Google Map.

You can travel along the major or minor road to have a street view of the surrounding. There maybe other photos being tagged to the location. Singapore is the first country that completed this process in South East Asia region.

How do you move around in Google Map to view virtually?
See the orange man icon? That is the virtual you.

Drag and drop him anywhere along the road and the virtual photo will appear in other panel. You can then click on anywhere along the road even turn the direction at the street view using the panel.

Being a Singaporean, I have a mix feeling about this. Part of the uneasiness has to do with privacy and security. Although the car plates and the faces of the people being captured in the photos are blur, there maybe other information that could be sensitive too.

Nonetheless it is useful for anyone to check where the building at some location should you want to visit it. It's a double edge sword in technology and it's a lot of hard work for google. We just have wait and see any other development.

You can do your visit Singapore virtually now on Google Map


khengsiong said…
Is this what they call Google Street View?

Ouch! I must be lagging in adopting new technology...
LEon said…
Yes it is called Google Street view. It just up earlier this week only. :)