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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My First visit on Logos Hope

In the 1980s, there was a TV series called Love Boat. Well today I visited on a "Love" boat too but this is more like a non-profit, charitable organization registered in Germany. The main thing for them to get in money and donation is by having a book fair on board of the ship.

OM’s Logos Hope, the ship with the world largest floating book fair and had made it's first visit to Singapore on 16 to 30 December 2011.

To me, this is a new concept. At first I could not imagine how a book fair on board of a vessel will look like. When I stepped in to the Vessel, I found myself transformed into a familiar book store.

Seriously looking the photo you would not imagine you were in the Ship right?

I have to say the vessel was very stable that I could not feel any rocking of the ship at all even when it was parked in the harbor.

One of the interesting book I have found is Mini Book! So cute right?

Beside books, they have CDs too.

As their ship is always moving around the world, they use a representative system for the pricing of the book.

Logos Hope do selling their own merchandises for fund raising such as this mug with the logo on it and more.

The first impression of Logos Hope was it is selling much of Christian books such as bible and some Christian books. However there were also some good children collection and offers on some textbook type of books. As this vessel carry it's own books, some of the books you see in the book fair were rather hard for you to see somewhere else.

For me having a vessel traveling around to spend some good news and contribute some good value to the community it has visited is a good thing.

If Logos Hope is anywhere near you, do drop by to take a look at the international staff on board serving you and the books it carried on board selling.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Christmas has always been special to me. In fact lots of special thing happened to me on Christmas in my life. Most of them are good ones, thank goodness!

When I was a child, my family do not celebrate Christmas but I always fasinated by Christmas tree with it's lighting and decorations. I set my heart that if one day I have my own house and started my own family, having a Christmas tree for Christmas is a must. So now I did have one and I always make a point to make something fun out of it.

Another tradition we started out in my family is having log cake at least during Christmas. So this year we got a white vanilla one and it turned out to be really delicious! I have to control not to eat too much. LOL
Vanilla log cake for Christmas

Wel I hope you guys have a wonderful and good Christmas day as well. Merry Christmas to one and all!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Slow Maddness Raging Transport

In the mid 1980s, one transport changes the traveling habits of Singapore. Even when I was in my primary school, I learned the full name of MRT from school which meant Mass Rapid Transport. It was once our nation pride that back then it was a vision transport that will bring Singapore from a developing nation to higher heights.

As we know scoping in any project is vital. Did the planner back then see this coming especially the recent increase in population in Singapore? Was the whole system especially the old lines were design to cater and support a population of 6 million and more?

As the commuter increased, so were the frequency and the weight of the train. It don't take much common sense to question the effective of the transport on a single rail day after day (more than 16 hours a day) especially some of the line were 3 decades old.

With years of increase fare due to the proclamation of raising "operation cost", the service and reliability of the train fall short of public expectation year after year. With the transportation being privatize, the once public transport is now answerable to the board and investor rather than the public nor the commuters.

Projects like opening new train station to cover more areas continue but the maintenance of the rail with the effect of growing population was not well thought through. Even the new circle line broke down a few time. By right, the weather should be the least that affect the train operation but it happened and causes much delay.

The once transport which has a Rapid in the middle name has now reduce the speed by half just to reduce the chances of breaking down. That mean it take more time to travel but the fare remain the same. Is that fair?

One thing for sure, the fault is never on the commuter end and never should be put to pay for it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Motorola ET1, a Tablet for Work

I happened to have a glimpse of the Motorola Rugged Tablet ET1 in the recent Asia-Pacific Retailers Convention & Exhibition in Singapore.

The Tablet is running on Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) Operating system build with connectivity of Bluetooth and WiFi. There are 8 Mega-Pixel camera on the back and the front.

The screen is 7". The tablet is light weight and holding it seems like holding a bigger size PSP. Unlike PSP or other android tablet, this tablet is ruggedized for working environment.

One should be mindful that this tablet is design for connectivity for working efficiency and it will not be fair to compare it with leisure or general consumer android Tablet.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

One more thing... Steve Jobs

First it was news of Steve Jobs stepped down as a CEO of Apple and the position was given to Tim cook. Then a few days ago while everyone was waiting for iPhone 5, Apple release the news of iPhone 4S. This morning however, I read the passing of Steve Jobs himself.

* Photo credit to
I will not profess that I am a Big Apple fan but some of my memories of growing up have contact with some Apple products and some of the product decision done by Steve Jobs as I looked back earned my respect.

My first encounter with Apple product was not iPhone, nor iPod nor iMac but it was a Macintosh Personal computer. My first time to surf on the internet in the mid 1990s with a 28.8K modem! I was fascinated by quicktime movie even though back then one file capacity would already exceeded one 3 1/2 inches floppy disk. I spent my time on online chat and playing civilization. It was a great computer which is less prone to virus attack. I mean who would write a virus to attack a Mac?

When the iMac was introduced, it was Cool design in those era. To many it is just a monitor size PC with keyboard and mouse. Space saving although many complaint the lack of floppy disk which was an Steve's intention of removing. Soon many accept the changes and move on.

When everyone was going into PC and hardware, Steve Jobs concentrated on Music portable player and online music store. It was the right direction that set Apple to have a firm foothold on online music with his product. Since Napster was napped, everyone has to pay for online music right? Even the Music industry embrace iTune store.

When iPod had a firmed market, Steve Jobs stirred toward smart phone which came out iPhone 3G. Steve did not enter without any backing. The knowledge and foothold of iTune infra-structure served as the backbone. The familiarily interface played a big part even in the beginning many condemn it. As Apple starting to have a great market shares in the mobile phone market, the voice against the interface dies off. The concept of having a unique phone as a outlook do not really matter anymore than the ease of use and control. Many started to see Steve's idea.

Steve Jobs made a lot of hard decision and stand by it when their browser do not support Adobe flash, iPhone sample being stolen, iPhone 4 Athena reception issues. It was not a prefect phone yet the idea and the acceptance of the interface became what that really matters. In truth is that interface that launched them to the tablet market iPad and the new iPhone 4S.

Today when the news of Steve Jobs passing was released, lot of sites and people I know expressed their sadness. But why?

Steve Jobs is not a nation founder. He did not saved life. He is not like a entertainer like Michael Jackson but why is his passing affecting us so much? Come to think of it, he is just a person who is trying to sell us things! And you know what, we bought his idea knowing or unknowingly. His dedication of being different and the stubbornness of believing what he believe in, changes the mind and life of many.  Steve Jobs is one influential person who inspired many. It is hard to find one person in our lifetime but I am glad now there was one.

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs and God bless you.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A walk in Bookstore in Malaysia

I was in Kuala Lumpur for work and one of the night when I was free, I visited a book store in the shopping mall. Now you may find it's funny why would go into the bookstore of all places? Well you can say that I am bored but to tell you the truth, I wanted to see the difference between the bookstore in Singapore and Malaysia. Afterall books are one that define culture and society in certain manner.

The bookstore in the shopping mall was big and I saw people reading and browsing the books. Since I am from Singapore, I went to see what are the Singapore published books in available in Malaysia. There I saw in the Chinese printed section, the recent book by ex PM/SM/MM Lee Kuan Yew. Beside his book were the ex PM of Malaysia. Maybe they arrange the books in that manner as grouping. I never asked but it is interesting to see that arrangement.

In Singapore English section I saw the Singapore Women's Charter book. Personally I didn't notice if this book is on sale in Singapore but having this book on sale under section of Singapore kind of give me a weird feeling...

Just a few book beside was the Singapore Rebel which was about the infamous Annabel chong a much talk about Singapore girl who took on 300 guys for having sex. To her, it was just a persona and an act. I guess that stick to Singapore reputation for a long time.

Talking about books that are senstive in nature. I was surprised to see a book by Adolf Hitler on sale in the bookstore as well. A book written by him will be a avoid subject and some countries banned this book.

Okay to be truthful, I was there looking for another type of culture book that interest me more which are Comics.

I know many regards comic as a lowest form of culture but believe or not, it is one powerful culture which shape the future leaders of tomorrow. If you know what I mean. :)

There are a numbers of Japanese Manga (comic) translated in English but there were more comic that was produced by Malaysia themselves. By looking at the cover, you may not even recognize it.

These are the newer comic artists.

One of the top leading ones is Lat which the drawing of the characters are neither cute or pretty but the culture and content are there. That is what art is all about.

While I was on my way out of the bookstore, I saw some calendar that caught my eye. I thought it was some Chinese cartography but at a closer look, it was a Christian Chinese cartography calendar on sales and it was done beautifully. I do not remember seeing such calendar with artistic and religion taste in Singapore bookstore.

After visiting the bookstore in Malaysia, it really change my mind about the culture and education acceptance and I am glad to stand corrected thinking they are strict in religion and culture.

I didn't buy anything but I walked away mind changed and wondering can Singapore have more varieties in bookstores or prints.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Credit Crisis

I remember in the 80s, having a credit card is a big thing. Firstly not anybody can owned a credit card. THe requirement was to have certain range of income and Assets and you have to go to the bank to apply.

Now you will be approach by workers who want you to sign up for credit cards even giving away fee waver. The requirement to own a credit card is so low that students can apply for debit cards.

There was a time when you open a bank account you have to wait for hours. But today Banks come to you asking you to open an account with them. There even make is so easy for you to borrow money. Just the other day I recieved a blank cheque by the bank with my name on it. One may think I became instantly rich however if you read between the line, it was borrowed money. And when Banks are desperate to ask you to borrow money, something is really going wrong with the system.

Here's a short summary of what had been going on. Watch in and you understand more.

Now you know what is happening now?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tools for some poses drawing

I remember when I was very much into comic illustration, one of the most challenging subject is to draw the pose of the character in different camera angles. Back then you need some subject to strike a pose for you. Well now there are some great tools in the market. This is one of them that will help you to draw digitally.

Is this useful to the artist? Hm...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Old Table Tennis Table

In the 1970s, Ping Pong aka Table Tennis was very popular in Singapore. As a growing nation then as the population are more community centered, sports was one of the way people get together.

In every residential area, concrete table tennis table were built and it's a popular place for teenagers and kids to hang out.

I remember people install their own table tennis net and start their ping pong game. Due to the fact most of these table were outdoor, the wind always affect the game. However the players doesn't really mind a bit as fun was the factor.

As for kids like me then, we play a game called "Crocodile" which some kids will be under the table trying to grab the legs of the kids which are on the table. As there will be many kids on the table, it is quite a good change for the "Crocodile" to pass the tag to another kid. Back then, kids play together and have lot of fun in such healthy sports.

Today these table are disappearing. I saw this sometime back and took a photo for memory sake.

Good times.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How bladeless fan works?

My first encounter of seeing bladeless fan was about a year ago. I remember how amazed I was feeling the breeze from the fan but not seeing any rotating blade. Best of all, it is quiet.

Ever wonder how it work? Here's what I found out.

Apparently the pricing is one of the draw back for me of getting it. I will wait till it is more economical. R.O.I is important. :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

eneloop glitter Limted Edition

Life is full of colors. Can you guess what is these colorful things?

You will never have guessed these are batteries. Not just any batteries but eneloop Rechargable Batteries.

These colorful glittering set is a Limited Edition eneloop rechargeable batteries from Japan celebrating their 5th anniversary and sold 150 million batteries over 60 countries!

These set of 8 batteries come pre-charged which mean you can use it straight away. The pre-charging process was done by solar power as SANYO believe in "Clean Energy Loop". Each of these batteries can charged up to 1500 times.

One major concern about rechargeable batteries for me will be the self-discharge rate even you are not using it by leaving it on the shelf. Most rechargeable batteries would drained of it own energy in 2 years but eneloop batteries can retain 75% of it's energy even up to three years! These were confirmed by 2 of my contacts in different occasion when I asked them about their experience on eneloop batteries. Both of them pointed out on the reliability of retaining the energy even when there were in storage.

Now some may think the colors are just designs to attract consumers but I think it is practical. How often you mixed your fully-charged batteries with those used one? How will you be able to tell them apart if they all looked exactly the same? By these color code, you can tell them a part easily and you can choose the different color to match difference devices depending on your mood too.

The new “eneloop glitter” battery pack  is already available in Singapore at Meidi-Ya Supermarket, Dufry Singapore and all Best Denki, Selffix D.I.Y, Sprint-Cass, and other electronic stores at a recommended retail price of S$49.90.

We can always use some green energy and some colors too!

Apple IOS 5 Features

I have to say Apple really doing their work well. After watching the feature of the IOS 5, I am impressed.

Now the question remain how can iPhone 4 update to this OS? How will the upgrade be done? How much will it cost end of the day?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

iPhone 4 No Speaker Sound Quick Fix?

I got one iPhone 4 for my family member not too long ago.

One day, she came to me complaining that her iPhone 4 speaker not longer working. I asked her if she had recently dropped her phone or the phone had come into any water contact. Her replied was No and it happened out of the Blue. Like you, I was doubtful. After all, this is an Apple product we are talking about. It cannot be that bad right?

Heading to my telco shop or the nearest Apple center may not be a fruitful as the phone was a month old and there are just too much apps, data and personal setting done on the phone. If what she said is true, then we may not be the only one who encountered the same issue. True enough, after some searches on the internet, we are not alone.

Some solution recommended to do a factory reset and the typical answer to send back to Apple for one to one exchange. That would be too much hustle for us.

I stumbled on a worked solution which stated to "press the lower right corner beside the home button". I was doubtful at first but after considering going through the motion of traveling down to exchange the phone, we gave that a try. I mean how worst could that be right?

After a few attempts, the sound came back! What do you know?!

Disclaimer: This is purely my personal experience and I will not hold any liability if this doesn't work or cause damage to your phone. You are advice to access the risk and decide for yourself.

* Note the red square area mark roughly the location.

It would be easier to play a long music file on the phone while you try pressing down that area and see if the sound restore back. It could take you a few try and you have to apply some strength on it.

This method works as the hardware connection between the speaker of the phone is located there which mean the contact maybe loose. Therefore pressing that area restore the connection.

If you are facing the same problem, you can try if this method works for you. If it does, leave a comment and share it on your facebook. :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

PSPgo, going, Gone!

To be honest, the first day I heard about PSP-GO! I know it will die prematurely. So it is no surprise when I read that PSP-GO! is going to end.

The reason why SONY Computer Entertainment they stop anymore PSPgo production in order to concentrate on the NGP...Sound like a good reason...ya...right.

Here are some points why in the first day I heard about PSPgo I know it will not be as successful as PSP itself.

1. Gaming pad location
Because of the new design of PSPgo, the keypad are placed closer to one another and it is too cramp.

2. No UMD
As Sony think this is a good way to go, Sony forgotten that the customers who may buy the new PSPgo have to re-buy again their game was formerly on UMD. So is it fair to the customer?

At the turn of event, PSPgo is discontinuing anywhere except North America.  So if you still want to get a PSP GO, you can do so in North America.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Facebook Filter your updates to your list of Friends

There seems to have a change in setting happen right under the nose of most Facebook users without knowing.

Have you noticed that you are seeing updates in your newsfeed from he same people? Ever wonder what happen to the others friends who use be in your list? No, they have not been updating but chances are the NEW Facebook setting had filter that for you.

Apparently Facebook currently had two setting option.

1. Friends and Pages you interact the most
2. All your Friends and Pages

By default it is set to "Friends and Pages you interact the most".

To change the setting back to "All your Friends and Pages. Follow the following steps.

1. At your Newsfeed, Click on the arrow at the end of "Most Recent" and select "Edit Option". Look at the picture below for referance.

2. Now set it to "All you friends and Pages.

Now a lot of Facebook users especially your friends may not know that such a setting is done to them which mean most of your friends who you have not interact with for some time may not even know about your updates.

Spread this news to them so that they know such a setting had filter you out.

Of course for those friend you do not want them to know, this is a good thing and pray that they won't find out. LOL

Happy Facebook-ing!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japanese artist encouragement

Japan is now facing the worst natural disasters they ever encounter. However they are united and facing the hard fact of rebuilding. Various artist has done their part to encourage and unite the people in Japan and here are some of those.

Takehiko Inoue, the artist of Slam Dunk

* Photo Credit to here with more drawings

Noizi the artist of Haruhi Suzimiya drew the character praying for the victims and the speedy recovering.

Akira Toriyama (artist who created Dragonball) drew Goku (Dragon Ball) and Arare-chan (Dr. Slump), riding the Kinto'un Cloud, shouting the word “Ganbare!!“ to encourage the Japanese.

I have to say that such artists did what they can for their fellowman.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Playing Guitar on Android

I came across a pretty Korean girl using android to play guitar and sing. While many only pay attention to the pretty Korean girl who by the way she is, I notice the android guitar she was playing.

Half way to the video I decided to do a search for "guitar" in my android market on my android phone. I found what the software she is playing. It was called Guitar solo and there was a free edition.

The interface look like a real guitar. You can strum the chords or choose to pluck the strings by touching the strings. Sound realistic.

As for the chords, it was made easy for general public as it was pre-program in the application which you can set it on decustomised hotkeys in the program. The free edition which I am having however has limited function. You can view the demo and how to play the guitar in Android here.

This interface is not ideal to work on a small screen but it certainly can mimic close to real guitar experience.

No doubt many can be a guitarist now using that software like the pretty android Korean girl but nothing beat the real thing. This software just good for introduction to the user to make them instantly musician.

It had been sometime since I play with my guitar and while I am playing with this guitar it once again bring me back the passion of playing guitar again.

Pretty right?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No more Radio & TV Licence Taxes

Radio & TV licence taxes was originally used to fund public broadcasting so that public broadcasters can transmit programmes with or without funding from commercials. Back then the only public broadcasting station was known as Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC). Even with such taxes, there were quite a lot of commercial show on the air then.

In the 1 January 1994, SBC went fully privatised and changed it's name to Television Corporation of Singapore aka TCS. In 2001 it became what we currently know now as MediaCorp TV. You can read more of Singapore TV history over at wiki.

Radio & TV license taxes are impose every year on every household in Singapore which is around SGD $100 a year regardless they watched the local TV station or listening to local radio station or not. Even with the choice of paid cable TV, such taxes continuing on.

With the demand of such taxes, it is only fair for the public to demand the quality of the show being produced. As many paid for cable TV, viewers had a choice to watch other station they paid for. Regardless, the taxes still was impose on every household as the "public station" (which the station already privatized)  was given to them through cable.

Malaysia on the other hand, abolished the TV license at the end of 1999.

Finally in 2011 budget, Singapore announced to do away radio and TV licenses tax as they were "losing their relevance"... After so long... better late than never.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rabbit Lunar New Year

This year, it is the year of Rabbit according to Chinese Zodiac. So the theme of this Chinese Lunar New year has quite a number of Rabbit as decoration and I got this cute rabbit.

Before I know it, I am half way into the mid of Chinese New Year celebration which suppose to last for 15th days.