PSPgo, going, Gone!

To be honest, the first day I heard about PSP-GO! I know it will die prematurely. So it is no surprise when I read that PSP-GO! is going to end.

The reason why SONY Computer Entertainment they stop anymore PSPgo production in order to concentrate on the NGP...Sound like a good reason...ya...right.

Here are some points why in the first day I heard about PSPgo I know it will not be as successful as PSP itself.

1. Gaming pad location
Because of the new design of PSPgo, the keypad are placed closer to one another and it is too cramp.

2. No UMD
As Sony think this is a good way to go, Sony forgotten that the customers who may buy the new PSPgo have to re-buy again their game was formerly on UMD. So is it fair to the customer?

At the turn of event, PSPgo is discontinuing anywhere except North America.  So if you still want to get a PSP GO, you can do so in North America.