Credit Crisis

I remember in the 80s, having a credit card is a big thing. Firstly not anybody can owned a credit card. THe requirement was to have certain range of income and Assets and you have to go to the bank to apply.

Now you will be approach by workers who want you to sign up for credit cards even giving away fee waver. The requirement to own a credit card is so low that students can apply for debit cards.

There was a time when you open a bank account you have to wait for hours. But today Banks come to you asking you to open an account with them. There even make is so easy for you to borrow money. Just the other day I recieved a blank cheque by the bank with my name on it. One may think I became instantly rich however if you read between the line, it was borrowed money. And when Banks are desperate to ask you to borrow money, something is really going wrong with the system.

Here's a short summary of what had been going on. Watch in and you understand more.

Now you know what is happening now?