iPhone 4 No Speaker Sound Quick Fix?

I got one iPhone 4 for my family member not too long ago.

One day, she came to me complaining that her iPhone 4 speaker not longer working. I asked her if she had recently dropped her phone or the phone had come into any water contact. Her replied was No and it happened out of the Blue. Like you, I was doubtful. After all, this is an Apple product we are talking about. It cannot be that bad right?

Heading to my telco shop or the nearest Apple center may not be a fruitful as the phone was a month old and there are just too much apps, data and personal setting done on the phone. If what she said is true, then we may not be the only one who encountered the same issue. True enough, after some searches on the internet, we are not alone.

Some solution recommended to do a factory reset and the typical answer to send back to Apple for one to one exchange. That would be too much hustle for us.

I stumbled on a worked solution which stated to "press the lower right corner beside the home button". I was doubtful at first but after considering going through the motion of traveling down to exchange the phone, we gave that a try. I mean how worst could that be right?

After a few attempts, the sound came back! What do you know?!

Disclaimer: This is purely my personal experience and I will not hold any liability if this doesn't work or cause damage to your phone. You are advice to access the risk and decide for yourself.

* Note the red square area mark roughly the location.

It would be easier to play a long music file on the phone while you try pressing down that area and see if the sound restore back. It could take you a few try and you have to apply some strength on it.

This method works as the hardware connection between the speaker of the phone is located there which mean the contact maybe loose. Therefore pressing that area restore the connection.

If you are facing the same problem, you can try if this method works for you. If it does, leave a comment and share it on your facebook. :)


Anonymous said…
Thank you Its worked ! on a new 2 days iphone 4.defekte factory ????
anyway thanks!
gemma said…
thanks so much! it worked on me!!! :)
joe said…
After referring many sites for solution.. landed here...Its amazaing...it worked...great
arnel said…
I just slapped the phone to my palms and the sound came back
NOS said…
Worked, thanks a lot :)
Tralleveld the whole day to try to fix it(bought it yesterday)
Priyank said…
DUDE you are a life saver. You deserve more credit than this. Cant believe it worked. Pressed just like u said on my 4s and viola! thank u soo much! :D
Kristino said…
Also worked for me, lifesaving tip. Thanks. Juan.
Raghu said…
Tkanks yo! Though its not completly back, the sound is back for 30 sec when i slap it.
Robert Lamont said…
worked for me too! just got the phone yesterday.
Venus Eckert said…
As with any gadget, iPhones encounter different problems. Thankfully, those common problems can be easily fixed just by pressing a few buttons. Your solution definitely helped! I also tried another approach which was to restart the phone, and then resetting the network settings. That also worked like a charm. =)

Venus Eckert
Sweet Fairy said…
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