Slow Maddness Raging Transport

In the mid 1980s, one transport changes the traveling habits of Singapore. Even when I was in my primary school, I learned the full name of MRT from school which meant Mass Rapid Transport. It was once our nation pride that back then it was a vision transport that will bring Singapore from a developing nation to higher heights.

As we know scoping in any project is vital. Did the planner back then see this coming especially the recent increase in population in Singapore? Was the whole system especially the old lines were design to cater and support a population of 6 million and more?

As the commuter increased, so were the frequency and the weight of the train. It don't take much common sense to question the effective of the transport on a single rail day after day (more than 16 hours a day) especially some of the line were 3 decades old.

With years of increase fare due to the proclamation of raising "operation cost", the service and reliability of the train fall short of public expectation year after year. With the transportation being privatize, the once public transport is now answerable to the board and investor rather than the public nor the commuters.

Projects like opening new train station to cover more areas continue but the maintenance of the rail with the effect of growing population was not well thought through. Even the new circle line broke down a few time. By right, the weather should be the least that affect the train operation but it happened and causes much delay.

The once transport which has a Rapid in the middle name has now reduce the speed by half just to reduce the chances of breaking down. That mean it take more time to travel but the fare remain the same. Is that fair?

One thing for sure, the fault is never on the commuter end and never should be put to pay for it.