Old Table Tennis Table

In the 1970s, Ping Pong aka Table Tennis was very popular in Singapore. As a growing nation then as the population are more community centered, sports was one of the way people get together.

In every residential area, concrete table tennis table were built and it's a popular place for teenagers and kids to hang out.

I remember people install their own table tennis net and start their ping pong game. Due to the fact most of these table were outdoor, the wind always affect the game. However the players doesn't really mind a bit as fun was the factor.

As for kids like me then, we play a game called "Crocodile" which some kids will be under the table trying to grab the legs of the kids which are on the table. As there will be many kids on the table, it is quite a good change for the "Crocodile" to pass the tag to another kid. Back then, kids play together and have lot of fun in such healthy sports.

Today these table are disappearing. I saw this sometime back and took a photo for memory sake.

Good times.