One more thing... Steve Jobs

First it was news of Steve Jobs stepped down as a CEO of Apple and the position was given to Tim cook. Then a few days ago while everyone was waiting for iPhone 5, Apple release the news of iPhone 4S. This morning however, I read the passing of Steve Jobs himself.

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I will not profess that I am a Big Apple fan but some of my memories of growing up have contact with some Apple products and some of the product decision done by Steve Jobs as I looked back earned my respect.

My first encounter with Apple product was not iPhone, nor iPod nor iMac but it was a Macintosh Personal computer. My first time to surf on the internet in the mid 1990s with a 28.8K modem! I was fascinated by quicktime movie even though back then one file capacity would already exceeded one 3 1/2 inches floppy disk. I spent my time on online chat and playing civilization. It was a great computer which is less prone to virus attack. I mean who would write a virus to attack a Mac?

When the iMac was introduced, it was Cool design in those era. To many it is just a monitor size PC with keyboard and mouse. Space saving although many complaint the lack of floppy disk which was an Steve's intention of removing. Soon many accept the changes and move on.

When everyone was going into PC and hardware, Steve Jobs concentrated on Music portable player and online music store. It was the right direction that set Apple to have a firm foothold on online music with his product. Since Napster was napped, everyone has to pay for online music right? Even the Music industry embrace iTune store.

When iPod had a firmed market, Steve Jobs stirred toward smart phone which came out iPhone 3G. Steve did not enter without any backing. The knowledge and foothold of iTune infra-structure served as the backbone. The familiarily interface played a big part even in the beginning many condemn it. As Apple starting to have a great market shares in the mobile phone market, the voice against the interface dies off. The concept of having a unique phone as a outlook do not really matter anymore than the ease of use and control. Many started to see Steve's idea.

Steve Jobs made a lot of hard decision and stand by it when their browser do not support Adobe flash, iPhone sample being stolen, iPhone 4 Athena reception issues. It was not a prefect phone yet the idea and the acceptance of the interface became what that really matters. In truth is that interface that launched them to the tablet market iPad and the new iPhone 4S.

Today when the news of Steve Jobs passing was released, lot of sites and people I know expressed their sadness. But why?

Steve Jobs is not a nation founder. He did not saved life. He is not like a entertainer like Michael Jackson but why is his passing affecting us so much? Come to think of it, he is just a person who is trying to sell us things! And you know what, we bought his idea knowing or unknowingly. His dedication of being different and the stubbornness of believing what he believe in, changes the mind and life of many.  Steve Jobs is one influential person who inspired many. It is hard to find one person in our lifetime but I am glad now there was one.

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs and God bless you.