Playing Guitar on Android

I came across a pretty Korean girl using android to play guitar and sing. While many only pay attention to the pretty Korean girl who by the way she is, I notice the android guitar she was playing.

Half way to the video I decided to do a search for "guitar" in my android market on my android phone. I found what the software she is playing. It was called Guitar solo and there was a free edition.

The interface look like a real guitar. You can strum the chords or choose to pluck the strings by touching the strings. Sound realistic.

As for the chords, it was made easy for general public as it was pre-program in the application which you can set it on decustomised hotkeys in the program. The free edition which I am having however has limited function. You can view the demo and how to play the guitar in Android here.

This interface is not ideal to work on a small screen but it certainly can mimic close to real guitar experience.

No doubt many can be a guitarist now using that software like the pretty android Korean girl but nothing beat the real thing. This software just good for introduction to the user to make them instantly musician.

It had been sometime since I play with my guitar and while I am playing with this guitar it once again bring me back the passion of playing guitar again.

Pretty right?