My First visit on Logos Hope

In the 1980s, there was a TV series called Love Boat. Well today I visited on a "Love" boat too but this is more like a non-profit, charitable organization registered in Germany. The main thing for them to get in money and donation is by having a book fair on board of the ship.

OM’s Logos Hope, the ship with the world largest floating book fair and had made it's first visit to Singapore on 16 to 30 December 2011.

To me, this is a new concept. At first I could not imagine how a book fair on board of a vessel will look like. When I stepped in to the Vessel, I found myself transformed into a familiar book store.

Seriously looking the photo you would not imagine you were in the Ship right?

I have to say the vessel was very stable that I could not feel any rocking of the ship at all even when it was parked in the harbor.

One of the interesting book I have found is Mini Book! So cute right?

Beside books, they have CDs too.

As their ship is always moving around the world, they use a representative system for the pricing of the book.

Logos Hope do selling their own merchandises for fund raising such as this mug with the logo on it and more.

The first impression of Logos Hope was it is selling much of Christian books such as bible and some Christian books. However there were also some good children collection and offers on some textbook type of books. As this vessel carry it's own books, some of the books you see in the book fair were rather hard for you to see somewhere else.

For me having a vessel traveling around to spend some good news and contribute some good value to the community it has visited is a good thing.

If Logos Hope is anywhere near you, do drop by to take a look at the international staff on board serving you and the books it carried on board selling.