A walk in Bookstore in Malaysia

I was in Kuala Lumpur for work and one of the night when I was free, I visited a book store in the shopping mall. Now you may find it's funny why would go into the bookstore of all places? Well you can say that I am bored but to tell you the truth, I wanted to see the difference between the bookstore in Singapore and Malaysia. Afterall books are one that define culture and society in certain manner.

The bookstore in the shopping mall was big and I saw people reading and browsing the books. Since I am from Singapore, I went to see what are the Singapore published books in available in Malaysia. There I saw in the Chinese printed section, the recent book by ex PM/SM/MM Lee Kuan Yew. Beside his book were the ex PM of Malaysia. Maybe they arrange the books in that manner as grouping. I never asked but it is interesting to see that arrangement.

In Singapore English section I saw the Singapore Women's Charter book. Personally I didn't notice if this book is on sale in Singapore but having this book on sale under section of Singapore kind of give me a weird feeling...

Just a few book beside was the Singapore Rebel which was about the infamous Annabel chong a much talk about Singapore girl who took on 300 guys for having sex. To her, it was just a persona and an act. I guess that stick to Singapore reputation for a long time.

Talking about books that are senstive in nature. I was surprised to see a book by Adolf Hitler on sale in the bookstore as well. A book written by him will be a avoid subject and some countries banned this book.

Okay to be truthful, I was there looking for another type of culture book that interest me more which are Comics.

I know many regards comic as a lowest form of culture but believe or not, it is one powerful culture which shape the future leaders of tomorrow. If you know what I mean. :)

There are a numbers of Japanese Manga (comic) translated in English but there were more comic that was produced by Malaysia themselves. By looking at the cover, you may not even recognize it.

These are the newer comic artists.

One of the top leading ones is Lat which the drawing of the characters are neither cute or pretty but the culture and content are there. That is what art is all about.

While I was on my way out of the bookstore, I saw some calendar that caught my eye. I thought it was some Chinese cartography but at a closer look, it was a Christian Chinese cartography calendar on sales and it was done beautifully. I do not remember seeing such calendar with artistic and religion taste in Singapore bookstore.

After visiting the bookstore in Malaysia, it really change my mind about the culture and education acceptance and I am glad to stand corrected thinking they are strict in religion and culture.

I didn't buy anything but I walked away mind changed and wondering can Singapore have more varieties in bookstores or prints.