Giant Mahjong Set for Chinese New Year

I went to giant Supermarket to do some Chinese new year shopping. After I made my payment I was given a snatch and win thingy. Curiously I snatched and I got a symbol from Mahjong which is a "White tile".

For every SGD$30 you spend from now till 31 March 2010, you will be given one snatch and win chance. All you need to do is to form the 13 wonder pattern and you will be one of the 888 customers who will walk away a Mahjong set.

I personally have not seen the Mahjong set but I am sure this will be a popular move since Mahjong is one of the popular game during Chinese New Year. You can read more detail from the picture below.


moemoekyun said…
I can play mahjong but still can't read the Chinese words >_< (my grandparets's sets lol)I learn when watching people playing >.>
hmmm interesting they even made promo like this is the mahjong set really hard to find nowdays? or this set exclusive ?
LEon said…
Mahjong still can be found today in Singapore but the pricing of one are not cheap. Especially they are different type and grade in Mahjong quality. I don't think it is an exclusive set but it should be more than SGD$50 or so for one set.