Meet Goojje and YouTubecn

No there is no typo or spelling mistake. These two websites as many would have guess would be from China and there are reason why these two websites comes about.

About a month ago, Google was considering to pull out of China because of some hackers hacked into some China Human rights group. Goojje (谷姐), dubbed “Google’s little sister” due to the fact that 姐 is pronounced “jie” as Google was know as 谷哥.

It's tagline reads: “哥的留下是为了姐,哥依然迷恋着姐," means "Brother is staying for sister as the brother is still very much obsessed with sister." You can very much guess the message that most Chinese wanted Google to stay. As for the function, Goojje can able to do some search which give search results like google format.

Since China banned youTube in 2008 because of videos related to Tibetan unrest and who know when that came about having much video as in youTube. So now China can watched some youtube again.

To some these website are just copycats but with the understanding of the background maybe they survived for a reason. So far this two websites are still running but the future of them remain not so optimistic. Will China government take any action to site owners or will the Original owners sue these Copycat website for reaching China?

What's your take?


moemoekyun said…
hmm china need a real people power and this prove that
khengsiong said…
The real Youtube can sue Youtubecn...

Why Goojje is not Goojie?
LEon said…

They might but I dun think they will since that is for China viewing and it's China government that banned them. AS for Goojje I don't know. Might be spelling mistake or that how they pronounce it using other dialect.