Google may quit China

It was a surprising news that Google is now considering to quit China.

According to the official word of google over hacker accessing the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.

In January 2006 Google has been censoring search result in China inline with the China's laws and other restrictions on their services. After the amount attacks (hacking) and the surveillance to date, Google is now reviewing the feasibility of their business operations in China.

Will Google really quit China market? This could be a big lost to them...

Several Chinese citizens placed flowers at the Google Logo outside of the company's Beijing office yesterday.

Photo Credit to: CNImaging/Newscom

By the way in case you do not know, China blocked Blogspot and youtube.


moemoekyun said…
aha that's why so many student from china in my college open youtube,FB,tweet,blog
lost Google = very big lost >_<
LEon said…
I think so too. I don't know why they want to ban so much too. They want a intranet and not a internet I think.