Provoking Actions?

Do you find the following provoking to you?

You are walking on the street and a stranger started give a sharp squeak as you walking past him/her?
You are walking on the street and as you walk past a stranger, he/she started to make loud noises mincing what you would say?
You are walking on the street and a stranger started to challenge you loudly?

Do you consider the actions provoking? I mean in the first place why would anyone want to do something to you especially you are just minding your own business? Most of such can be rather forgiven if they are kids.

Well this is what happen day in and out when I bring my dog out for a walk. I mean my dog don't bite nor he bark at you but why must you do such action to my dog? Even as a owner I felt provoked in some way. Sure my dog and I can exercise some patience but please do not do such irritating actions as we are also relaxing on the streets and park.

Just mind each other business would be good. Thank you.


khengsiong said…
Maybe that person is mentally ill?
LEon said…
The incidents I reacted was not just one person but a number of different stranger on the streets.
moemoekyun said…
well it happen with me once tho but that person is mentally ill so I don't really mind for provocation I don't really mind as long not distrubing me like what arein did once I hate someone it will remains forever happen once before no peace in my dictionary
LEon said…
I know what you mean. Just choose to ignore would be good.
Anonymous said…
Haha..I like KS's comment. Ignoring them is the best option..although sometimes easier said than done.

I had it one day too when I walked out of the eye hospital. Was on my way back to my car when 2 schoolboys made snide remarks. I glared at them and almost said "why don't you go back to school"...but then controlled my irritation and just let it pass. After all, they are still school kids.
LEon said…
@Mei Teng
That is really a sucky experiences but then again they were kids and you exercise your grace which is good.