Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's clean up before we go at Mcdonald

This week as I stepped into a Mcdonald outlet in Singapore, I realized something different. I notice the table had bright yellow stickers. On closer look this is what I saw.

It is a kindness movement. Even the trash bin had stickers too.

And on my drink cup I saw even Ronald Mcdonald doing it.

From day one mcdonalds employed staff to clean up the trays and the food that left behind by their customers. In the mid 1990s to mid 2000 they employed senior citizens to do these tasks but of late I didn't see senior citizen worker anymore. I recalled one of my oversea friend was very upset watching elderly working at such job. He asked me "Why all the old people work this kind of job or working at all? Back in my country old people stay at home and being taken care of." I do not know what to say to him that time. I just answer him that these elder folks some have to work while other just to past time.

Anyway I really wonder if this campaign pick up. The moral of the story is...

"Let's clean up before we go".


khengsiong said...

One thing I'm not sure is the cup. For health reasons I usually only drink half to 2/3 cup of coke. How should I dispose of the liquid?

LEon said...

Normally will throw it in the bin. Even the staff do that. However in taiwan, the mcdonald's bin is divided into various part for food, paper cup and remaining drinks. Taiwan is very environmental as the government and the people are very green conscious.

[SK] said...

i will sometimes do that though.. but people here have been "trained" to let the waiters/waitress do the work.. maybe in a sense, we are creating more job opportunities actually??

LEon said...

So do I. That's what happen here too. It is one of their job duty to clear the trays. It's hard to have a culture change.

David John said...

by the way, what camera you use bro?

LEon said...

You mean what camera I used to take these photo here or the other blog? For these photo I used a mobile phone camera. :)