Sunday, January 24, 2010

A week after "Let's clean up before we go" at Mcdonald

It has been one week after the "Let's clean up before we go" at Mcdonald and here is what I saw.

Most of the bright yellow stickers on the table are damaged. Maybe because of the print quality or because some playful children deeds.

Some Peeled

Some Teared

and some still simply do not care... :(

Nonetheless, I still happen to see some customers clearing their own trays before they leave. Will it get better or will it remain the same...Only time will tell.


moemoekyun said...

you are right about this I rarely saw someone clean their table after finnish I never eat in the place actualy I always take it home but I will clean after if eat there

LEon said...

I think only western country and Taiwan they clear their own trays at mcdonalds.

Anonymous said...

well as I see here in toronto most of them still leave the tray
from :moemoekyun(I have problem with comment in blogger @_@ now don't know why)

moemoekyun said...

but they starts Let's clean up a long time ago @_@

LEon said...

Long time ago is 10 years ago? In some countries it quite hard once the restaurants have someone to clean up the tables. Customers will just feel they payed the worker to do their job.

khengsiong said...

Maybe Singapore needs another government-led propaganda to get the people cleaning up, LOL...