The passing of "Crayon Shin-chan" Creator, Yoshito Usui

It seems like 2009 is a sad year. I just learned that the Creator of Crayon Shin-chan aka 蜡笔小新, Yoshito Usui age 51 was found dead on a mountain in Japan.

I started to read Crayon Shin-chan in 1996. I was in camp and some of my friends were reading it. I was not attracted to the books at first for judging the cover as the drawing look like kids drawing. However the laughter of my friends reading the comic make me wonder why. So I decided to pick up book one and at the very first chapter, I started to chuckle.

The innocent and honestly of a simple minded 5 year old boy who happen to have a growing interest in woman got me hocked. Even his family member reaction like the mother and father were so well scripted as a comedy that most of us can identify with. Even when the drawing of the comic look kiddish, the content however is not suitable for children.

Some of my family members also a big fan of the Comic and Anime. I bet they will be sad when I break this news to them.