Apple + Nike = Healthier Lifestyle?

When is the last time you went for a run? I always enjoy my run or jog when put my mind somewhere else as I run. In that case, I can run longer and further and when I start concentrating or think about my run, I will feel tired and stop shortly. In time like that, music do help.

Apple and Nike had recently work together to make running more fun. Making use of a Pedometer and synchronizing to a iPod Nano, it will keep a data of your run while pacing you with your music on your iPod.

After the run, you can sync your iPod to Nike website and it will display your various progression of your run. It can also record the number of steps you walk everyday when the pedometer is with you. In that you can see how much you have walk and exercise in a day.

Here's a personal sharing of someone first run using the nikeipod and pedometer .

So it seems this combination of Apple and Nike is a healthier one.