Giant Robot in Real life

Giant Robot or so to say life sized Robot that we only thought it happen in the movie or cartoon are now happening in real life around the world. Although they does not move, the mere life size of it already gave some satisfaction to the fans. Following are 3 Asia Country that has or about to embark on building 1:1 Robots.

In Japan, they had build a 1:1 (59 fts) Gundam in Tokyo last month for it's 30 Annerivaries of Gundam.

Following that South Korea is going to have it's Taekwon-v which stand 59 feet in a theme park by the year 2012. Does Taekwon-V look like a Japan's Mazinger Z?

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However not many know that way before Japan and South Korea, China already has a 40 Feet Generation 1 Optimus Prime in Yunan, China.

For the effort they put into it, they deserved my applause. I don't see anyone so fanatic to do build such life-sized Robot.