Visit to Singapore St John Headquarters

I have the opportunity to revisit the Singapore St John Headquarters a week ago. I became a member of St John Ambulance Brigade at my secondary school days. It was not really a popular choice in term of uniform group but I find it was the most useful and relevant one as the knowledge of first aid are really useful.

St John HQ is situated at the busy town area at Beach Road. It was one of the old buildings at that area. The building in many ways has some rich history through the growing times and here are some of them.

At the external of the building near the gate, was this classic piece of logo.

The logo was neatly arrange with Mosaic.

Below the logo was a monument that marked the laying of the foundation stone by Sir Robert Brown Black, Governor and Commander-in-chief of the Colony of Singapore on 23rd of November 1957.

The grand opening of the HQ was on 23rd July 1960 marked by the following plaque.

The building was 3 stories in height and there was an old lift in the HQ. The lift was a donation and it is still working to this day. Just look at the buttons control and you will get a feel how old the lift is.

After close to 20 years since my last visit, the HQ did not change much. Maybe just more air-condition ans some new paints but the architecture and the interior remain very much the same. St John Ambulance after all is a non-profit organization where every cent they collected was given back to the community and public medical services.

This visit to the HQ really bring back many fond memories I have in my secondary days attending meeting, training and flag day preparation. I was glad to be a part of St John Ambulance Brigade as I learn quite a lot of life skill there.


Kai and Baobei said…
oi man ~ long time din visit u :) hw is everything ? still in Sg ?
LEon said…
Hi kai, I have been always in SG. LOL Everything is fine. Saw your new house. Look good!
Kai and Baobei said…
yooo, thx ! :) ya, forgot u r there, hahahaha ! fine here too, just busy on work, as usual, no choice :P