Rendezvous by a Coffee Addict

Are you addicted to coffee? Perhaps, just like the many coffee aficionados of today’s generation, coffee serves as a sober social lubricant. How many cups of coffee have you ordered from your favorite coffee shop in the last month? Well, if you’re trying to count, then the answer is, “too many.” Coffee houses have become a vital part of our modern culture. A sip of coffee in a relaxed haven, away from the busy streets of the city, is almost like fresh air to someone used to pollution. Even the music being played in coffee houses is a far cry from the pollution in most radio broadcasts nowadays.

Maybe music is political; otherwise, the top ten list on the radio will include only those that deserve to be in the top ten, instead of those who can pay for advertisements and plugs. But coffee shops disregard this political nonsense in music and play only those that they feel deserve their air time, such as classics from veritable music greats, all-time jazz hits, and anything new that just might have the potential of joining the ranks of these music giants.

I won’t be surprised if the band Rendezvous gets aired in my favorite coffee shop one of these days. They play beautiful jazz, which is funny because their songs are also electronica in every sense. It’s like milk in coffee; the paradox is interesting and quite tasteful. Perhaps only a handful of electronica bands can pull that off; or maybe Rendezvous is arguably the only one who can make an electronica song sound pretty much like any jazz hit from the sixties.

Rendezvous’  three tracks, Incognito featuring Summertime, No Man’s Land, and So What, are all jazz electropop songs that might very well make their way to coffee shop play lists all over the globe. But their debut album, coming out this year, has even more to offer than just that.

Find out why Rendezvous has over 150,000 views on YouTube alone and has earned thousands of song downloads; visit their website, or watch short videos featuring their album tracks on YouTube.