Google Reader Play

I just discover a new feature that was being introduced by Google when I was using Google reader. It's Google Reader Play. Google Reader Play is a fun way to browse interesting stuff on the web.

Unlike Google reader, you need not add any feed. All the feed are random but guarantee fun and interesting read. Basically it is design for readers who have some free time and wanted to feed their curiosity and to be entertained.

If you find any article interesting, you can marked it as "Star" as bookmarked to read later or achieved it, indicate you Like it or to Share it any social media channel.

The articles will be random and you can slide it as you read along side way. If you are too lazy to even slide, there's slide show option too! Now how easy (lazy encouragement) can you get?

In no way this Google reader Play is going to replace Google Reader which had all your subscribed feeds. I think this would be welcome by many who want to be entertain. I know I do enjoyed it already. LOL