How much radiation do your mobile phone emit?

Some years ago when mobile phone came about, there was a discussion over the concern of how high the Specific Absorption Rate, AKA SAR values are to our body. As the technology advance, we kind of forgotten about it or keep a check on it.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) undertook a 10-month research review to understand the risks, and what they found that some of the mobile phone still emit radiation without much improvement. On their website they put together a radiation chart including the latest cellphones and their SAR values.

iPhone and the new Nexus one was more to the high side.

Click here and take a look how much your mobile phone is emitting.

If you are worried about the high radiation, all is not lost as they also provide 8 practical steps to reduce the exposure of the radiation from your mobile phone. Remember when the signal is poor, the phone will have to generate higher power to transmit which increases the radiation.


khengsiong said…
I leave my phone on the desk, rather than inside the pocket, when I am in the workplace.
LEon said…
I did that too. It is a good practice. The harmful time will be when you are on the line with someone talking. Other than that, it should be pretty safe.