Music Licence may change the way Wedding goes

One of my friend just told me that he may have to pay for the music he going to use in his wedding. Wedding already was a stress event to go through for couple and to top it up, the cost of his plan wedding may have to goes up.

All this happen as the news of copyright owners of commercial music are hunting down infringements, Recording Industry Performance Singapore (Rips) and Music Publishers Singapore(MPS) held an educational talk for wedding photographers and videographers early this week.

Taken from the message is clear that Pay for the copyrighted work or use royalty-free music. Otherwise, face criminal or civil action.

The cost of paying the license will land either on the video company or the newly wedding couples.

I did a search and I found out there are much more license in Singapore you have apply for just to play or perform copyrighted music, exhibit films, use music/karaoke videos and operate TV sets on your premises or at your events.

Copyright Permit to play or perform copyrighted music at arts events such as plays, concerts, drama/dance performances, fashion shows, magic shows, getai etc.

Copyright Licence to play or perform copyrighted music on your premises (e.g. nightspots, karaoke lounges, amusement parks, etc.).

Film Exhibition Licence to exhibit films that are rated NC16, M18 or R21, which includes cinematograph films, videotapes, VCDs and DVDs. You need to apply for a separate licence for each location where the film is screened. If you are screening films rated PG and below, you do not need to obtain this licence.

Licences To Use Music Videos And Karaoke Videos to use (e.g. play, perform and reproduce) music videos or karaoke videos. Businesses such as karaoke operators, nightclubs and bars may require these licences.

Non-Residential TV Licence to place or operate a TV or any other equipment that receives broadcast signals at your business premises. You will still need this licence even if you do not tune into any TV station, and only use the equipment to play videos and DVDs.

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Still enjoy your music, Singapore?


khengsiong said…
Just record the wedding music on our own.

I believe wedding music itself has no more copyright. Only VCD, DVD etc. have copyrights.
LEon said…
I don't think so Khengsiong. Even if you play on live band or record your own wedding songs at function, license is also needed as to pay for the right of preforming some writer songs. Unless the songs is written and play by you then no copyrights is bridge. See the problem here of copyrights?
Anonymous said…
the only way is really to use royalty free music as it is so difficult to even license any popular music not to mention the hassle and cost. My sister recently got married and she bought some romantic songs from Else you can try classical. Anyhow even classical songs are not free to use as the performer all need to collect royalties unless you actuall got the recording from Beethoven himself. Good Luck!
Estherbervin said…
Hi Leon,

I m very keen to know the procedures on this license matter. Can you educate me more about this issue and how does it goes about as i m pretty puzzled that if license is needed for all type of songs and musics, do i have to buy 2 licenses if i have to play 2 different musics or songs for a wedding function?

Your kind advises are greatly appreciated, thank you

Warmest regards
LEon said…
Thank you for the good sharing. :)

The good news is currently they are still finalizing the details.
But you may find some of the answers at useful as the talk is still going on. Hope that helps. BTW congrats to you in advance. :)