Casio G-Shock Man-Box: Watch & Vinyl Figure

My first watch was a Casio and I didn't know Casio had Vinyl figure for their watches now!

G-Shock latest creation in September features a special edition G-shock Man Box. DW-6900 and BG-5601 each come with a matching G-Shock Man Vinyl figure.

If that is not enough for you, there are three G-Shock figures designed by designer Shiro Nakano for celebrating the 25th Anniversary of G-Shock watch. The figure come with some hands articulations.

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Some of the watches are available now at E-Casio.


[SK] said…
hey cool!! but i wonder when will this be available in KL.. you know lah, KL so slow~~
khengsiong said…
Used to like digital watch when I was a kid. But as I grew older I started to prefer mechanical watch.

Do you know that some photographers still love mechanical cameras?
LEon said…
You may have to look at some specialist watch shop in KL. You have citychain there?

I know bro. They prefer film than digital. My dad do have some retro mechanical cameras but most like not working. Will blog about it soon. LOL
Anonymous said…
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