PSP GO launched

PSP was officially launched yesterday worldwide. PSP GO is a new design which evolved from the PSP console which had a mixed feeling from the PSP fans.

The PSP Go! Specifications is as follows:
- 3.8" screen (smaller than former PSP in width)
- 43% lighter than previous version
- 16 GB on-board flash memory
- Bluetooth support (New Feature)
- No UMD drive (maybe that is why it is 43% lighter)
- Download games and movies via Playstation Store

As a PSP owner (PSP 1006). Is this a pull factor for me? Allow me to share my concerns.

Firstly, the PSP GO design do not grow on me. It does not look comfortable nor durable. I had some experience with sliding phones and from what I experience the wear and tear of sliding may affect LCD screen sooner or later. Compare to the former PSP which is more kid friendly in term of durability? Enough said.

The arrangement of the buttons and joystick looked cramp together. One can only tell how good it is after 3 hours of intense playing action games.

Another concern is where to get the games? How to buy online? Is it secure? For current PSP owner, you can never play your stack of UMD games again because PSP GO do not have a UMD drive. Consider that?

I am pretty sure I am not the only one who have such concerns. Unless such concerns are address, PSP GO may not have a good pull factor for PSP owner to buy a PSP GO.


Great it's features seems very impressive and it's look also. I will check it out soon.