Plastic Surgery Vs Originality

There is a saying that how we look have to do with fate and genes. In the age we are living with however we can change that if we are willing to go under the knife.

Plastic Surgery is very popular in some advanced countries. To some it can boost self-confident but generally people still hold on to the value of originality. It has always been an issue when an actor or actress was accused to go under the knife. Most of them I know had deny such accusations and claiming it was a natural process een when the evidences were obvious. Why?

To some it has became a trend if they have the money to have double eyelids, bigger assets, nose job and other cosmetic changes. Have you ever wonder why many people look the same in some country? Sadly the off spring of that individual will still inherit the original gene. It would certainly be a scene when the child realized that he/she is an alien as he/she did not resemble to their parents. Of course in due time, the parents could have sent the child to go under the knife too.

Plastic surgery can be addictive and if one value cosmetic value, it will never stop at one if he/she had the resources to do so. Keeping in mind that some of the job done may not look good when ages and may need a period maintenance. It was then more changes will be added by the patient.

Personally I am prefectly fine if it was use for restoration procedure such as those victims who was badly burned, born defects or disfigured by accidents. For such, it is really a gift of God to man.

So what is your stand? Are you for Originality or for Plastic Surgery?


khengsiong said…
So long as there are no severe side effects I am perfectly fine.