My Artwork #1: Believe in Angels

Since my first homepage at Geocities is closing, I have decided to share some of my old artwork there at this blog. There are done mostly in the 1990s. I was learning inking and try some comic drawing using shading.

Believe in Angels
This piece was inspired by a photograph of a play at that time and the name of my art was inspired by a tag line in the first The Crow movie. The man in the drawing was in pain but there is no saying the angel is to deliver or to harm. It is open to interpretation.

What do you think?


Kai and Baobei said…
i dont know much on art, but i respect u all :) keep sharing wth us :)
LEon said…
Thank you Kai! I like your photography too!
[SK] said…
to me of course i'll interpret as a helping angel.. :)
LEon said…
Thanks for your input. You are a positive person in general.