Went to CommunicAsia2010 at Singapore Expo on a weekday. It is exciting to see some of the technology from different countries exhibit their products.One of which that interest me was Mobile communication. Samsung was there to promote on of their latest android product, Galaxy S. I have a hands on it and I like the big screen but the menu look very iPhone looking. It was still running android 2.1.

Skype was there too. It colorful booth really draw people attention. They were giving iPhone cover for those who had their iPhone installed the Skype Apps.

Apparently, there are no love for Skype to Android user it seems...:(

But the most surprising thing was to see Japan Docomo to be there displaying their docomo phone!

Here's one that will drive the ladies crazy.

Still don't get it? Maybe this will help.

You got it right. It is Kate Spade Docomo mobile phone!

It seems like ladies love flip phone.

Stylish keypad.

Later on I pop over to Broadcast Asia and 3D was a hot topic of the day. With 3D TV, camera and broadcasting. Some of the 3D TV need glasses while some do not. Here's one that do not need the glasses.

Sony did a good job in selling video camera that they hire a artist painter to paint the colorful umbrella for you to test out the video camera in a studio setting.

Overall CommunicAsia was a big event and there was just too many things to talk about. I will certainly look forward to next year.


khengsiong said…
My colleagues went to CommunicAsia too, but I didn't go.

What is the current trend?
LEon said…
3D TV is the hot topic.
Daphne Maia said…
hey LEon, thx for dropping by the Skype booth. :) u got a great pic there of the booth! :)

If u wanna find out more about skype, follow @Skype and Peter Parkes @PeterAtSkype on Twitter k! He's the resident chief blogger and Tweeter for Skype. ;)

Warm regards,
Daphne Maia
LEon said…
@Daphne Maia
Thanks Daphne for the head ups. Were you there at Skype booth? You sound like you are working in Skype.